Top 10 best TV Shows of 2012


These top 10 lists are sometimes tricky to put together. Simply because my personal and critical eyes don’t get along very well especially when it comes down to identifying my top 10 TV shows of 2012.

In the list below you’ll find the comedies and dramas that made me laugh out loud, cry like an idiot, or cream “OH NO YOU DIDN’T” at every wild turn.

1. New Girl:

Who’s that girl…? It’s Jess 😀 I know a show is really good when I start quoting it on a daily basis and this one has become my once in a week breath of fresh air. HILARIOUS is the word to describe it and all its characters *Cough* Schmidt *Cough*. And trust me, I don’t recommend you to get me started on all the dysfunctional friendships the characters share or the tension between Nick and Jess…

2. White Collar:

Why am I watching this show ? Are you kidding me ? Neal Caffrey of course. When he’s working alone, his criminal mind does wonders and who’d dare to say no to a show with a constant New York feeling in the air. I could watch this show forever and I’m not even kidding.


3. How I Met Your Mother:

I remember watching this TV show for the first time and thinking: BORING and then Barney happened. What can I say about this show ? It is LENGEN… Wait for it… DARY 😀

4. Dexter:

I’ve been watching Dexter for 4 years now and it will never cease amazing me. Dexter Morgan is so real to me that I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that he’s really Michael C. Hall… Who, according to me, is the best actor EVER. We all have someone who calls us insane for watching Dexter but they’re unable to understand how captivating he is… Until they watch it themselves of course 😀

5. Mad Men:

Mad men makes me wish I lived in the old days… With a WiFi connection of course ! I am a marketing student and I can’t help but look at this show as a super clever marketing campaign that Don himself planned. I am impressed by each and every detail of the story line.

Take a look for yourselves and you’ll see how every frame looks as if it could be a painting with perfect colours.

6. Elementary:

To me, the concept of integrating Sherlock Holmes into the modern society is SO original. It’s like a dream come true and as someone who has literally seen every single Sherlock Holmes series and movies out there. I shouted Hallelujah in the first 30 seconds of the show’s first episode… Yep, before it even started and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

7. The Walking dead:

I laughed at my friends every single time they brought it up for the past 2 years but then I made the mistake of thinking « Alright, I’m going to give it a try » and now I can’t stop watching this show !

Have you ever heard of credibility in an issue related to zombies ? Well that’s what you’re going to get if you watch « The Walking Dead ». This show isn’t about the walkers, it’s about the characters… Zombies are just the icing on top of the cake.

8. The Vampire Diaries:

Team Delena all the way… Enough said !

9. Revenge:

God bless Emily’s soul. Amen ! With that said, I got quite hooked in this show’s first season. If you like scandal, drama, action and romance, watch revenge. You’ll love it !

10. Modern Family:

I usually watch Modern family when I’m preparing exams and NO, I’m not going to explain myself. This show is a real source for laugh-out-loud hilarity and Oh my God, that Sofia Vergara accent is just great !


  1. I’m the type of girls who sticksto one thing lol so My favourite is revenge ! I’m watching season 2, and wait for each week’s episode , one word : magnificent ! The acting is great, the actress is mindblowing, and the english is of a high level !

    I though saw some « clips » of Elementary on TV , good one !

  2. hey, i think New Girl deserve the first place (Jess is hilarious), but i’m wondering, where is The Mentalist, Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory… i think this is a girls list
    By the way, i realy like you’re work Hind, keep going.

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