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23 things I learned in the past 23 years

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We all want someone to start the process of revolutionary change. However, we are not willing to put ourselves out there and generate positive changes.

I have recently identified a lot of things that I really want to do, make, learn and I made a plan to execute them.

So I thought it would be a good idea to look back at the things I have learned for the past 23 years of my life to identify what I need to learn by the end of this year.

Here are 23 lessons I learned in the past 23 years:

  1. There are always going to be people who are smarter, better looking, more sociable, and just all around “better” than you. To be happy, simply accept yourself and be productive to be the best version of YOU.
  2. Parents give up their freedom to raise us, and deserve a golden medal for that. Make sure to take the time to let them know how much you appreciate what they did to raise you up.
  3. Don’t stop playing! I know what you will say: Some things stop being fun; like spinning around until you fall but there are other things you never grow out of.
  4. Do what you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life.
  5. Travel. I have never looked back on a trip with regret.
  6. Don’t be in a rush. Do things in your own time, no matter how early or late other people think it is.
  7. There are two types of friends in life: the kind that when you go away for a long time and come back, it feels like nothing’s changed, and the kind that when you go away for a long time and come back, it feels like everything’s changed. Some friendships aren’t forever and it’s ok.
  8. The things that are hard and scary to talk about are vitally important to talk about.
  9. The people who I respect most – personally, spiritually, professionally – are the ones that took risks. Be brave.
  10. Read more and learn new things whenever you can.
  11. Surround yourself with those who push you forward and believe in you.
  12. Listen and be open to other’s opinions.
  13. Stay wary of drama, it’s bad for your health.
  14. The secret to getting through life it is to keep looking forward and trying harder.
  15. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  16. Be respectful of others and yourself.
  17. Pick your battles with great care. But once you’ve chosen them, win.
  18. Learn to eat better, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, cut out/down on some of your more unhealthy choices.
  19. No one is perfect. Just be honest with yourself, look carefully at what you’ve done wrong, and then, learn to let it go.
  20. Give back to your community, city and your country.
  21. If you’re healthy, you’ve got everything you need. Stop crying about an unreturned message and get some perspective.
  22. The World doesn’t care ! Do what makes YOU happy and stop worrying about what others might think !
  23. If you read the internet enough, you will start thinking that World War III is imminent, that corporations rule the world through some conspiracy, that all men are rapists, that all women are lying, that arabs are terrorists, and on and on. Life is simple, people are good, don’t consume everything the media feeds you.

5 healthy habits to start this year in school

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School/ university is an excellent time to start practicing healthy habits that will help you to lead a much happy and fuller life.

Here are 5 healthy habits you can start getting used to this year:


Socializing is a huge part of life anyway and it’s much better for your mental health if you interact with other humans ! You don’t want to have conversations with your mind for 3 or 5 years, now do you ?


Dreaming big won’t help you achieve anything if you don’t work hard enough to turn that dream into a reality.

What I would suggest is to start small and work your way up. You’ll feel much better about yourself when your goals are met.


Having an optimistic outlook on life is going to make you a much happier person and a happy person is much likely to achieve goals with a smile on the face and a clear mind.

Not only will you physically feel better, but happiness is contagious. You’ll be more likely to attract other optimistic individuals who will be supportive of you and not criticise your every move.


It’s never too early to start taking care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise and go to bed at a decent hour. You knew that last one was coming 😀

Getting plenty of rest is the most important of all.


Being a student, you’re always going to have something to read whether you want to or not. However, I’m referring to reading books, magazines, Blogs and articles you actually enjoy.

Reading keeps your mind fresh and thinking quickly. Read for enjoyment from time to time.