11 crazy facts about today 11/11/11

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Because this day has something to offer to everyone, here are 11 crazy/fun /weird /creepy / awkward/ « I’m running out of words » facts about it:

  1. The date’s number is a full palindrome (reads the same from left to right, and right to left), which occurs only once per century. Nothing crazy about this one, it’s just plain math.
  2. If you add the year of your birth (last two digits) with your age you get = 111.
  3. People all over the world consider this day to be very lucky. A very rare date according to astrologers is perfect for starting new ventures. Therefore thousands and thousands of couples are getting married today.
  4. The last time 11/11/11 occurred was on November 11, 1911, a century ago. On that day, temperatures fell a jaw-dropping 60 degrees over the course of a single day, causing blizzards and tornadoes.
  5. Psychics believe 11/11/11 is a balanced number and a key to the mysteries of the universe and beyond.
  6. In order to avoid religious clashes, Egypt closed off the Pyramids to tourists to avoid rituals by a group rumored to begin « strange rituals » at the site.
  7. The Chinese calendar provides that silver lining, claiming 11/11/11 is in fact the most successful day of the century, as it “embodies mirror unity and balance between the sky and the land”, whatever that means.
  8. An appalling fact is that many parents want their child to be born on this day, for which they wish to defy mother nature and make sure that their expecting wives deliver their babies on 11/11/11. Ouuuukey !
  9. One Day on Earth” is a project that aims to capture world’s story on 11.11.11. A project where people all over the world will capture a story on form of video or images, and collectively all these submissions will result in a documentary featuring random stuff that took places all over the globe.
  10. A set of twins who were born on this day made it to Washington post and will be celebrating their 11th birthday in style.
  11. 11.11.11. has been declared as ‘The National Metal Day‘ by VH1, a day when VH1 will honoring heavy metal music.
Sources: e-junkie and dimension1111

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