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5 feeds you need to follow on Twitter

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Hey there Blog friends,

I hope you’re doing really well 😀

Tonight, I want to share with you 5 of my favourite Webzines that I believe YOU need to follow on Twitter.

These Twitter feeds come from avid and passionate people that make great content on the moroccan websosphere !

Without any further ado and without any specific order, here are 5 feeds that you need to follow on Twitter:


This is one of my favorite moroccan Webzines to follow on Twitter.

Artisthich is so enthusiastic about all aspects of literature, music and Art that even their tweets are wonderful to read, providing information and recommendations in less than 140 characters.

According to me, Artisthick is a must follow on Twitter !


I’m sure Lioumness will become one of your all time favorite Twitter feeds.

The concept of Lioumess is the regular sharing of contaporary creation in Morocco and around the Arab World with the aim of making our generation discover new projects, interesting people and wonderful converage of several events around the World.

And as a traveler myself, Harraga Bag has to be my favourite category in the Website 😀


If you’re looking for one of the most comprehensive Twitter culture feeds, look no further !

ONORIENT regularly posts playlist, reviews and information about a variety of litterature, art and culture all the way from Morocco to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and beyond. This is the perfect literary feed for someone who wants to branch out into different types of cultures; ONORIENT will expose you to things that are of really good quality, but perhaps you’ve never thought to check before. Which is always a great thing 😀

I personally love ONORIENT and the people behind it and no they didn’t pay me to say any of this. Seriously !


Frask is another Webzine that is designed around the idea of using social media to spark culture and Art in the spirit of our generation.

You’ll find posts about architecture, cinema, plastic arts, litterature, design, photography, different reviews and some new original ideas such as: Unplugged, Talk to, 60 Secondes and Event which make Frask a must follow on Twitter and other social media tools.


WeLoveBuzz is one of the best Webzines out there for discovering new videos, scoops and OMG moments from around the globe ! And I was very proud of their coverage of the Daniel dilemma in the past few days !

Following this Twitter account will give you a new perspective of the online world in general. You will find not just videos and reviews but also news and interviews with both famous and upcoming artists.

I love WeLoveBuzz and I believe you will too 😀

Have you got some favorite Twitter feeds to share?

What you need to know about: Pedophilia

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We fear and despise pedophiles all over the World !

In Morocco, people were shocked to hear that a child molester called Daniel; -a Spanish pedophile who rapped 11 little boys and girls and was sentenced to 30 years of prison has been liberated after spending a year and a half in jail by a royal decree-. The same people pacifically protested yesterday and were violently oppressed !

The criminal is free now ! He is back on the streets of another country, somewhere far away from our moroccan children !

Unfortunately, other pedophiles are still out here in Morocco and that’s why we need to know who they are so we can -at least- protect our children.

Here are some facts about Pedophilia and Pedophiles:

  1. The term pedophilia was coined in 1886 by psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing.
  2. Pedophilia is when an adult is sexually attracted to and/or fantasizes about prepubescent (under the age of 13) children.
  3. Pedophiles can come in any shape, socio-economic group, race or gender.
  4. Many pedophiles report being sexually abused as children.
  5. Although no scientific causes of pedophilia have been identified, one theory supposes that it’s a genetic disorder.
  6. Treatment for pedophiles often includes a combination of psychotherapy and medication.
  7. Therapy is used to help the pedophile talk about and work through his or her identity and childhood problems.
  8. The Internet and social networking websites make it easier for pedophiles to target young children.
  9. Pedophiles may have the following things in common: low self esteem; awkward in adult social situations, especially with women; painful childhood experiences; self-obsession; and the sense that he or she is still a child.
  10. Experts say simple safety guidelines can protect children and teens from child abuse. These include:
    • Never giving out your personal information on the Internet or to strangers.
    • Avoid talking to strangers or anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable or scared.
    • Let your parents know where you are and whom you’re with at all times.
    • Remember that people are not always who they say they are on the internet.

Maghrape is the new Maghreb !

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« You should use them the way you like and then throw them away. Don’t hesitate to do that. The same like what you do with tissue paper; you use it and then you throw it. They will cry and try to get your sympathy but they are liars. They are liars and thieves and they master the art of sex. This is truth. They are the best on bed !”
Those are the words of José, a spanish pedophile who travels almost monthly to Morocco to have sex with children and you can see that on this report !

How does that make you feel about your country and all the kids who live in it ?

To me, it is just outrageous and what’s even more blood boiling is knowing that my words will most definitely change absolutely nothing about what happened yesterday !  But at least, I know I will be engaging in conversations about this troubling issue !
A few hours ago, I conducted a small research about Pedophilia in Morocco. During which, I came across harrowing numbers that attest that 70 moroccan kids are raped EVER.SINLGE.DAY and 26 000 cases of pedophilia are reported EVER.SINGLE.YEAR in the country according to the statistics recently disclosed by “Don’t touch my Child” Association.
The people behind this association work with continued efforts to raise awareness about this serious problem and affect positive change. They work for a day when moroccan kids everywhere are safe and protected.
But then comes the day, when I am mesmerised -once again- by the kindness and forgiveness acts of the people of this country that set a spanish child molester -who raped 11 moroccan children- free after one year and half in prison. Yes, one year and a few months for raping 11 kids and I meant to say it twice because I am sickened with this situation !
Maghrape ? Is that what you’re looking forward to by setting him free or are you maybe trying to make this country a perfect destination for those seeking to pour out their sexual sickness on our innocent children ?
If Maghrape is the new Maghreb aka Morocco, you are putting these kids and others in danger and forcing them and their families to live in a place that doesn’t protect them or give them justice !
Adding to the problem is the fact that the Moroccan Constitution, yes, the new one, makes no specific mention of « pedophilia » as a statute. Is that because the word doesn’t even exist in the arabic dictionary ? True story !

How can we fight evil when its name doesn’t even exists in our lexicon ?


Pedophilia isn’t going to stop any time soon. Not when you set pedophiles free I am afraid ! It just carries -along with other problems- a sizable stigma, perpetuating an aura of silence and no solution for any time soon !

Raising awareness and engaging in conversations is the only way if you and I want to inspire change and while the rest of « us » continue to live in folklores of shimmering beaches and gorgeous mountains, those 11 kids and others will be pleading daily for justice, economic and social changes !

A checklist for the last 10 days of Ramadan

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« In this blessed month of Ramadan, we have now come to The Grand Finale » which is a description I’ve read on a website a few days ago and I really liked.

I’ve made a checklist of things I’d like to accomplish or continue doing before the end of these 10 days and, of course, I had to share it with you guys and I hope you’ll like it.

1/ Have Ftour with the family and friends :

Go have Ftour with your cousins, grand parents, aunts, uncles and friends you haven’t seen in a while and spend some quality time with them.

2/ Donate :

Give back whenever you can, you’ll be doing a favor to yourself and to others !

3/ Read Quran :

But most importantly reflect on its meaning. Then try to think about how they affect you on a personal level.

Give a boost to your imagination.

4/ Evaluate yourself:

Ask yourself the questions that need to be asked and do an evaluation of where you are and where you are going.

5/ Learn to control your tongue:
I don’t curse and I don’t appreciate profanity. Especially not in Ramadan.
The point is: Use another kind of ‘F’ words, Fs like Faith, Family, Ftour and last but not least FUN 😀


5 amazing videos shot in Morocco !

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Casablanca doesn’t exist:

Ocean, lotion and motion:

Cadillac ATS vs The World:

A Day In Marrakesh:

Skydive Morocco 2013:


5 ways to detox your mind

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STOP ! Take a moment, hold your breath, count to ten, breathe then consider ways to change your state of mind, free up some space in your cluttered head. Have a look over the areas of your life that you can improve upon: Spiritual, school, college, university, career, financial, physical, mental, family and social.

Here are 5  to detox your brain:

1. Live in The NOW !

Choose some positive mantras, and keep them in mind throughout the day.

Choose optimism and settle for nothing less than magnificience in your life.

Be present in your life ! Take a moment to enjoy the now. Take joy from the little things that are happening around you, don’t miss them because you’re too absorbed in the flurry of life.

2. Let Go of Grudges:

We’ve all had bad things happen to us in our lives. These events help define us, and who we become as people.

The key is not letting these negative happenings consume us, and become all that we are. One of the difficult but rewarding ways to clear your mind is to decide not to let negativity stagnate you. Then move forward mentally.

3. Don’t Sweat about The Small Things:

Always try to look at the big picture; look at the grand scheme of things. Obsessing over perceived slights, what people may think of you, hurtful experiences drain your energy, and sap your joy and happiness. You have better things to do with your time ! There’s a life out there to be lived ! You’re denying yourself new opportunities that are out there waiting for you.

Don’t look down, don’t look back, look at the horizon. This is an essential element in detoxing your mind.

4. Sleep:

You know it’s important and you know you don’t sleep enough ! Don’t watch the TV before going to bed, make sure you have a dark room, and lay the day’s worries at the bedroom door.

Count your blessings of the day as you drift off to sleep with a smile on your face.

5. Breathe:

Take a moment to drop your shoulders and relax your jaw. Breathing out, feel the stress and negative feelings leaving your body through your mouth. Inhale, and feel positive energy coming in to replace the bad. Do this 10 times and you’ll be amazed at how ready you are to go on with your day.

Remember small steps can still take you forwards !

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My close death… My blessing by Baba Louay

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Yesterday, I read the article you’re about to discover in a few seconds and it is genuinely: THE.BEST.ONE I read since the  beginning of this year simply because I could relate to every single word he wrote. Who is he ? A very talented young man called Baba Louay. I strongly recommend you to check his Blog.

Without any further ado, here’s « My close death… My Blessing by Baba Louay:

Many people from my entourage criticise me for the fact that I am not having a job, any job I find, with a steady income to be, as they say, productive; that it is dangerous that I do not neither think seriously to prepare for the future aged life usually full of problems and hardship (that money will magically solve), that I will face great risks of having a future miserable life without big savings… I do not blame them. They are sunk in the bubble of conformism. I am not against the idea of having a job and a routine life. However, I guess sitting 8 hours in an office doing things we do not like to do every day, complain about it, pretend it’s gonna be okay after, and still do it anyway for years doesn’t seem as a good deal for me. Yet there is a reason behind all this, besides being lazy or financially fulfilled which some of you might think is the reason.. It is not !

Back in the days during my childhood, I was taught about the fundamentals of my religion, Islam, by my grandfather (may he rest in peace). He was the only one in my family talking to me about this, maybe because my parents were not that religious or because they preferred to leave the matter for a wiser man.

I have been taught by my grandpa that life goes on, then it ends. It is precious, because it ends. The time is important and is to be spent doing the right things. Nobody knows when it is going to end and there is wisdom in that by the Creator so that one will receive one’s merit and reward following one’s beliefs and actions.

Since the early years of my teenage, I had, for some reason, the conviction that I am going to leave this world at an early age, that I am going to die at my twenties. There was no specific reason for such belief. I cannot pretend to predict the future but I was so sure about it that it has become a belief.

Many ideas were haunting my spirit very frequently: Today is the end. Tomorrow is not coming. Am I ready to meet Him. How many people did I help. How many did I hurt. How much positive impact have I made in my society. what did I do with the time, health, money and everything I had…such questions have been reminding me of the importance of my self-assessment. Beyond the spiritual fulfilment this has brought me, such conviction of a near death has been a great motivation to enjoy all aspects of life putting in mind that I shouldn’t cross the limits into what might be against my religious beliefs and goodwill. I am not always successful with that, but I am doing my best.

In this path, I am trying hard to do things that bring me joy at the present moment following my gut feeling and what I think is best, not my dad, not my mother, not the neighbours’ son, not anybody’s decision but mine. Of course it is very important to ask for guidance and/or to be inspired by somebody, and also wise to think about the near future. Yet, the decision should be based on the fact that I am convinced that what I am doing is right for me, and that doing it will bring me personal joy and fulfilment at the present and maybe in the short future, if any.

I feel very lucky and blessed about all what I have in this life. I have been given many blessings: a shelter, an education, a loving family, a healthy shape… (I can go on for pages) It is the reason why I feel responsible to give something back and feel liable towards others who are not having the same life conditions I have. Giving back at the present moment of life takes the form of travelling around to share my experience and volunteering. Hopefully in the coming future inshallah if Allah grants more years in my life, it would take another form and grow to a bigger scale in order to have much wider impact on a lot more people ( I am working on that). I engage in life changing trips in order to find more about myself, I get lost to find myself, to discover what I want and learn from the experiences of other people whom I meet in the way and tell them about mine, and it is tremendously impactful and inspiring. This is my pursuit of happiness. I hope that you take the time to think and realise that the best moment to do what you wish for is now and the best moment in which you can spend your savings in is the present one. Remember, some people somewhere in the world are happy with half of what you have !

I am aware of the fact that I might prove myself wrong in the future (no human is ever free from error). Yet, I am doing what I like and what I think is right at the present moment. I might criticise the present Louay who is writing this article sometime in the future. I guess that’s how it should be. One should compare oneself with the person he/she was in the past, not with others and try by the same token to evolve, grow wiser and be better than what one was by learning from mistakes, and pulling morals from experiences. To learn from mistakes one has to make them first. So dare to change, discover what you want and do it. Do not suck life out of you doing what you don’t like, as long as you have the choice (well, there is always a choice). Time is the only currency one has. Everything we do, we pay it with the our « time bucket », one second or one minute, one hour, one day at a time. The only constraint is that nobody knows how much time one has in the bucket. Some of us have a shorter time than the others. Some would have more (yet may they waste most of it living someone else’s life). It’s not about how much time you’d have, but what you do with it. Spend your time wisely doing things that will make you happy. You may not have much left.

أحيى لأ حلم، فالموتى لا يحلمون.. و الذين لا يحلمون أموات.       درويش

There’s lot of things that can kill a man.. there are a lot of ways to die. Yes, and some already dead who walk beside me.   Ray Lamontagne

If I die before you, tell others that I have had a happy life, tell them about this, tell them not to follow, not to copy but to take lead of their life and to construct it themselves…

When I’m gone, remember me.. and pray for me.

Have a safe journey in the pursuit of happiness.

God bless you !

Baba Louay »