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Do you have what it takes to handle the World’s Toughest Job?

It requires more than 135 hours per week, constant mobility, keen coordination and adept communication.

12 years a slave

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Kidnapped in Washington city in 1841 and rescued in 1853.

It is the heattbreaking true story of Mr Solomon Northup who went from being a free man to a slave for… 12 years !

The movie on the other hand conveys some penetrating truth about America’s original sin. It wasn’t easy to watch and I believe it shouldn’t be.

The unflinching, unconfortable, brutal scenes about slavery and the journey of survival for freedom earned this piece of art 3 oscars and made of it an entirely necessary modern classic.

To make a long story short: This is one of the best autobiographical stories I ever read and definitely the best TRUE STORY movie I have ever seen.

Give it a go, it is totally worth it.

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A dream house in 6 weeks


Steve Areen is a dreamer and a doer, and so when his friend in Thailand suggested that he builds his own house out of cheap materials in just six weeks’ time, Steve couldn’t say no. When you will see what the end result is, you will not be able to stop yourself from dreaming about doing this yourself one day…

Steve’s friend, Hajjar Gibran, gave him his own spot of land on his family’s mango grove to begin the project.




It’s not just a place to stay, but a personal piece of paradise.


It looks even more beautiful at night.


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What the world eats in pictures

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This photographic report exposes the proliferation of processed foods in the western diet and in the diets of many developing countries the world over.

These images are from the book ‘Hungry Planet: What the World Eats’ by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluision.

It’s an inspired idea, to better understand the human diet, explore what culturally diverse families eat for a week. Their portraits feature pictures of each family with a week’s worth of food purchases. We soon learn that diet is determined by largely uncontrollable forces like poverty, conflict and globalization, which can bring change with startling speed.

Thus cultures can move, sometimes in a single jump, from traditional diets to the vexed plenty of global-food production. People have more to eat and, too often, eat more of nutritionally questionable food. And their health suffers.



North Carolina, USA:














5 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

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For the last couple years, Jill Harness has been rounding up the world’s most beautiful libraries by continent. Here are 5 of the most beautiful libraries in the World,, in no particular order.

Trinity College Library, Ireland

Image courtesy of Irish Welcome Tours’ Flickr stream.

Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, with two story dark wooden arches, this is also the largest library in all of Ireland. It serves as the country’s copyright library, where a copy of all new books and periodicals must be sent when they apply for copyright protection. The library is also home to the famous Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript created by Celtic monks around the year 800.

 Bibliothèque Nationale de France, France

Image courtesy of Wikipedia user Zubro.

The National Library of France has expanded greatly since new buildings were added to house the collection in 1988. Even so, the old buildings on the Rue de Richelieu are still in use, and are utterly gorgeous as well. These buildings were completed in 1868, and by 1896 the library was the largest book repository in the world, although that record has since been taken from it.

The Library of El Escorial, Spain

Image courtesy of Jose Maria Cuellar’s Flickr stream.

This library is located in the Royal Seat of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the historical residence of the king of Spain. Phillip II was responsible for adding the library and most of the books originally held within. The vaulted ceilings were painted with gorgeous frescoes, each representing one of the seven liberal arts: rhetoric, dialectic, music, grammar, arithmetic, geometry and astronomy. These days, the library is a World Heritage Site, and it holds more than 40,000 volumes.

Handelingenkamer, Netherlands

Image courtesy of Jackie Kever’s Flickr stream.

The library of the Dutch Parliament contains every record of parliamentary hearings and discussions. Because it was built before electric lighting made the storage of books a lot safer, the building was constructed with a massive leaded glass dome in the ceiling to allow in light and minimize the need for candles and gas lamps inside the library.

Jay Walker’s Private Library, USA

Images courtesy of Aaron "tango" Tang’s Flickr stream. founder Jay Walker’s gorgeous wooden library, filled with an array of historical and pop culture artifacts, has been labeled by Wired as "the most amazing library in the world.” As if the gorgeous etched glass, labyrinthine design and multiple stories of book shelves weren’t impressive enough, the collection of rarities stored in the library is completely mesmerizing. Between books bound in rubies, a Sputnik, a chandelier from Die Another Day, and a list of plague mortalities from 1665, visitors to the private library might just have a hard time leaving.

Of course, with all the thousands of libraries in the world, this list of beautiful libraries still leaves out plenty of gorgeous architectural marvels. If you feel your favorite library was left out, feel free to tell everyone about it in the comments.