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VLOG: Women who made Morocco proud


Moving to Istanbul !

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Hello there Blog friends,

I haven’t been online for a really long time and there’s a good reason for that:

I have shared a lot with you in the past 2 years so it only made sense to tell you that I moved to Istanbul and I am going to stay here for A LONG TIME !

I am still settling in which includes a lot of paperwork, menial fees, walking, missing my family and my mom’s food, freaking out when I walk out of an office only to find that my dad isn’t going to drive me back home and a loads of lost-in-translation moments.

Awesome stuff, really !

But one thing is for sure: I am an adult now (Or so do I like to think) and Istanbul is one magical place, as anyone who has ever visited will probably say. It is my dream city, everything I have ever dreamt of… There’s no other way to describe it !

PS: I am going to share as much as possible with you in the upcoming days.

Stay tuned !

Air high fives and stay happy 😀

5 reasons to read every day

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I’m sure if you are an avid reader, you actually won’t need a list of reasons to read every single day. However, If you don’t read a lot, this list of « reasons to read » will help you give reading, for the sake of reading, a second chance.


Sitting down with a book seems to automatically relax you, and once you have read a page or two, those stresses from the day will fade.


I’m a word nerd. I admit it.

Reading expands your vocabulary basically without study. This will help you in so many ways.


Reading is another thing you can do along with crosswords to keep your mind in good working order. It can help slow (or maybe even prevent) the progress of Alzheimer’s dementia.


I’ve seen a lot of articles lately about how the Internet affects our ability to stay focused. We are quickly going from one thing to another on the Internet. Doing this really affects our concentration. When you sit down with a book, you’re going to read at least a chapter or two or three, and that is only going to help improve your concentration and focus.


While I mostly read fiction, I do enjoy biographies and historical novels. With reading, you can learn not only about people, but how to do things, self improvement, cooking, and that’s not all.

There’s so much out there for us to learn.

The choices are endless. Discover what you’ve been missing !

My Life in Pictures 11


Hey there Blog friends,

I hope you’re all doing really well.

Here’s my life in pictures in the past 2 months between my trip to Paris and my Graduation day 😀

Peace from Paris !

Notre Dame Cathedral !

Paris at night !

Limitless imagination !

Beautiful delirium !

I watched night create day !


We did it !

Call me Peter Pan !

Computer air high fives 😀

A checklist for the last 10 days of Ramadan

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« In this blessed month of Ramadan, we have now come to The Grand Finale » which is a description I’ve read on a website a few days ago and I really liked.

I’ve made a checklist of things I’d like to accomplish or continue doing before the end of these 10 days and, of course, I had to share it with you guys and I hope you’ll like it.

1/ Have Ftour with the family and friends :

Go have Ftour with your cousins, grand parents, aunts, uncles and friends you haven’t seen in a while and spend some quality time with them.

2/ Donate :

Give back whenever you can, you’ll be doing a favor to yourself and to others !

3/ Read Quran :

But most importantly reflect on its meaning. Then try to think about how they affect you on a personal level.

Give a boost to your imagination.

4/ Evaluate yourself:

Ask yourself the questions that need to be asked and do an evaluation of where you are and where you are going.

5/ Learn to control your tongue:
I don’t curse and I don’t appreciate profanity. Especially not in Ramadan.
The point is: Use another kind of ‘F’ words, Fs like Faith, Family, Ftour and last but not least FUN 😀


My life in pictures -10-


Hello there Blog friends,

Today, I thought I would share with you my life in pictures during the past few weeks.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram to check the pictures I upload on a daily basis.

Computer air high fives 😀

Casablanca from the 24th floor !

Seven Twenty !

2 par 2 !

Morocco represent in Jarash !

Still standing !

Sweet chocolate superposition !

Meet my Honey Bear !

Eyes are so radioactive !

Cappuccino reflection !

The perfect place to read Mahmoud Darwish !

Literally above the clouds !

My life in pictures -9-

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25 Dhs is something you don’t see everyday !

Staring at the Sky by Passenger

Pray !

« Je suis une perle rare » says the t-shirt.

Something wonderful is about to happen.


Sarra, Hind and Salma 16 years ago !

What can I say ? I miss Amman, Jordan !