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A letter for Juliet by Baba Louay

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Hello there Blog friends,

Tonight, I want to introduce you to one of my favourite moroccan Bloggers. Meet my friend: Baba Louay !

I said I will write a letter
But I don’t know if it is any good
I am not acting clever
Neither wanna be misunderstood
I am gonna tell you a secret
I have met a person, at first a stranger
Then her being became sacred
and her absence bitter
I started writing on an old piece of paper
when I finally found a pen
I would wait, but I’m not sure inspiration can
just so you know the importance of this letter
There is a dying candle in front
some cards, an ashtray, a bar of chocolate
and a book entitled the art of happiness
and that’s what she does,
I suppose
she makes people happy, I am a witness
I thought about her for a while before sleep
yeah that night I couldn’t count the sheep
I was inspired, to put ink on paper
with this romantic atmosphere, it couldn’t be easier
I didn’t have to plan how to write this letter
I knew that words will flow
I like that I think about her as a stranger
this way I am excited to know more
besides, she enlightens my smile,
triggers my happy mood and kills my frown
I think I like her, I guess she likes me too
Maybe a little less or a little more than I do
Life is short to spend it with the wrong people
they’re saying
She gets out the best in me..
I do the same, I’m hoping
if that’s what it is about. Let it be..
Few things are said and there is more
I think I don’t want her to be a stranger, not anymore
My candle is crying, please dont do the same
This is what it felt like and I thought I’d share
I don’t know why I dare
Maybe I shouldn’t have written this letter that way
It’s not for me, it’s for her anyway.
Check out his Blog, his facebook page and Twitter account for more information.

5 inspiring Nature Photographs to boost your mood


It’s been rated as one of the best mood-boosters there is, and most people can’t get enough of it… Yes, I am talking about nature photography.

Next time you are feeling low, need a burst of inspiration or just want to admire something truly beautiful, check out some pictures of nature. There are just so many gorgeous nature photographs out there and here are 5 of my favourites:

Chamonix ? No it’s just Oukaimeden by Ali Berrada

Nomad’s Land by Amine Benboubker

Lost in the World by Soraya Benchekroun

Picture taken by Zakaria Salhi

Picture taken by Imane Tirich

La Voix du net… The Moroccan Podcast you shouldn’t miss !

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Hey everyone, tonight I’m going to introduce you to something that is going to create A LOT OF BUZZ in the near future… ENOUGH SAID !

Tonight, I’m introducing you to: La voix du net.

WHAT ? La voix du net is a new MOROCCAN podcast that is all about new technologies and the lastest news of and from the Internet.

WHO ? Behind La Voix du net hides 3 Moroccans columnists that most of you are going to recognize:

WHEN ? Two saturdays of every month from 8h to 8h30 p.m and all the episodes will be recorded and available in the archives page and on the iTunes podcast channel just in case you missed it.

WHERE ? Live on La voix du net’s Ustream Channel.

Follow La voix du net on Twitter and make sure you like their Facebook page.

La Nouvelle Bibliothèque… FREE books for everyone

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Reading is the most simplest way for human to gain knowledge. Luckily, this tendency has been digitized thanks to E-Books revolution around the globe… And Morocco is no exception.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to my personal favorite platform of knowledge, our generation version of a library, a website where you can download up to 2,000 E-Books, audiobooks, educational videos, tutorials and so much more…

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to: La Nouvelle bibliothèque

Behind this great website stands a team of moderators and administrators. Its founders are two moroccan engineers and two doctors from Tunisia and Algeria and they all believe that: « Knowledge has no limits, it should be free, shared and accessible to everyone !« 

Now I’m sure you’re wondering: Is it legal to download free books from La nouvelle Bibliothèque?
Well, let me tell you this: All the books that are in La Nouvelle Bibliothèque are already on the web and the site only provides links to download them.
So, according to me, you should visit la Nouvelle Bibliothèque right now and download some books.
Make sure you like La nouvelle Bibliothèque’s Facebook page and join them onTwitter.

The Top 10 best Moroccan Blogs/Bloggers of 2011

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If you’re looking for some reliable Moroccan Blogs, look no further !

The following are, according to me, THE TOP 10 BEST Blogs/Bloggers in the moroccan webosphere and, trust me, they need to be at the top of your reading list too :

PS: I put my personal favorite blogs in an alphabetical order.

  • Artisthick :

    The blogger seems to be into so many things: Music, movies, Art and Etc… (And yes that’s a category) but in spite of that, the blog is updated regularly.

    Almost everything on the blog is pitch perfect and nicely thought out. I can’t but admire the passion the blog is maintained with. Go check and see for yourself !

  • Big Brother :

    With the daily launching of new information, it is difficult for us to understand everything, build an opinion and decide what to follow and what to believe. And in this case, a Big Brother by our side isn’t be a bad idea, right ?
    The blogger here is Anass El Filali who, according to me, is pretty aware of all things and has no fear expressing his opinion. The blog is updated regularly which is an indirect testimony to the fact that the content is well received by the readers who voted him BEST BLOGGER in last year’s Maroc Blog Awards ceremony.
    Don’t forget: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. So go check every inch of his blog !

  • Chanel After Coco :

    The name of this blog is quite unique and self explanatory : Chanel after Coco Aka Fashion, Fashion and more Fashion…
    I can simply sum up by saying that it was a delightful read every single time especially with the amount of pictures (And beautiful/ handsom models… I’m just saying) that the blog suggests.
    Recommended check for sure!

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The Iqraa Project’s fundraising page… It’s time to make a change !

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Hey everyone,

Yesterday, I came across a Karim Boubker tweet that directed me to a great fundraising page: The Iqraa project’s fundraising page, this project has been working in the village of El Borj in Morocco for several years now to help its children who are being denied the right to study due to money and give them an opportunity to go to school, explore, dream and discover themselves…

Now what you can do is help spread the word about this magnificient action against illiteracy. So make sure you share the link on facebook, tweet it and tell your friends about it.

Lend your hand and heart to make a small change one step at a time !

Donate supplies, materials and money and SPREAD THE WORD !

You’ll find more information about the project after the jump.

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Blog of the Week: Ginger, Chocolate and Honey by Lamia

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If you are a Fashion reader and lover, then you want to take some time out for this one.

Drop in and say Hi to Ginger, Chocolate and Honey. Don’t you just love the name?

Meet Lamia, the owner and author of Ginger, Chocolate and Honey that is all about one girl from Agadir who is searching for a very chic and intelligent fashion life on this planet.

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