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Letters from Hind !

Don’t they look cute ?

To make a long story short: I was so inspired by one of my dear friends who posted an article with a picture of a letter he got recently -which is something human beings quit a long time ago !-

After I saw it, it just made me want to go out and buy a notepad, some letters and of course colorful pens… Which is exactely what I did this afternoon and it made me happy dance for… a while !

Yes, I am going to write letters and send them !

Family and friends, check your mailboxes in the next few weeks; the ones outside of the thing you’re reading these words in !

Oh oh oh, one more little thing: Could you please inbox me your home addresses ?

My computer air high fives will turn into Letter air high fives soon !

What to do ? What to do ?


They too have dreams !

If you give them money, whoever bought them those clothes and instruments is going to have dinner tonight. They will eat too.

However, I can’t help but think that everytime someone gives them 1 or 10 liras, they are directly pushing these kids away from school and closer to the cold streets !

They too have dreams and it could simply be going to school and sleeping on a confortable, warm bed after a good dinner !

Monday Favorites -1-


Hello there Blog friends,

I have been a little sick for the past week. Why ? You may as. Well, I simply declared a snow fight against myself as soon as it started snowing in Istanbul… I am sure you can imagine the color of my nose after 2 hours in the snow !

Now, I should probably go study for the exam I have on wednesday but I thought I would share a few festive monday favorites I came across this past week before finding another reason to proscrastinate !

Favorite treat:

Favorite outfit inspiration:

Favorite eye-candy:

Favorite interior design idea:

What favorites have inspired you lately?

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Computer air high fives 😀

Picture of the day