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Vlog: Samsung Galaxy S4

Par défaut

5 days, 5 realizations -Part 3-

Par défaut

Here are some new things I realized during the past few days:

1/ I think I’m IN LOVE… with my new Samsung Galaxy SIII ! Don’t judge me !

2/ Taking pictures of my everyday life has become one of my biggest passions ! There is something so special about capturing the things that make my today wonderful !

3/ I realized going through my childhood pictures makes me laugh my heart out. It just magically brings me an immense joy 😀

4/ Mistakes are allowed in life. Everybody makes mistakes and noboday is perfect ! So our journey on this Earth isn’t about perfection, it’s about constant improvement, or as the Japanese call it: Kaizen.

5/ There is room for everyone on this planet. I’m a very competitive person but I believe we can all thrive together through cooperation to rise to new heights.