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My life in pictures -4-


Hey everyone,

Ramadan moubarak and I hope every and each one of you is doing really well


Here’s what I’ve been up to in the past 5 weeks… All in pictures !

My Favourite SIN !

What’s my name ?

Quote of the day !

The S Voice is a Diva !

Hit the Road !

Inspired from Nature !

What color are you ?

Mainly Pink on a Free Way !

Who’s the Boss ?

Momo Hit Radio

I love my Dad !

Et la meilleure blogueuse de l’année est… According to Hind ! What? Who? Where ? Me ?

Par défaut

How was I to know, back in July of last year when I started a blog how significant and life changing it would be?

Looking back, I launched my blog on July 17th after I talked to my best friend on the 14th of the same month, he suggested I call it: According to Hind and I did… All I wanted to do was write something thoughtful, considered and gently different and share it with other people I may never  have the chance to see in my entire life and that’s exactely what I did: I shared my thoughts, musical preferences, movies I watch, different reviews, health issues, tips, interviews and pictures with a growing number of readers.

59 days ago, I was nominated with 4 other talented bloggers for the Maroc Web Awards in the category of BEST FEMALE BLOGGER OF THE YEAR !

Flash forward today, I’m looking at my trophy and writing what I was unable to say on stage when they handed it to me.  All I could spell last saturday was -and I’m quoting- : « Ohhh Myyy Gooood, I’m speechless » with thank you in two different languages and LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem song playing in the back of my mind for some unknown reason :p

I also haven’t been able to updated my blog for about 6  days now because:

1)       I was in a constant state of AWE,

2)      I was getting phone calls, messages and tweets from hundreds of people and I had to reply to every each and every one of them,

3)      I went to 2 different radio shows and for the first time in my life, I wasn’t there to represent an organization or sit next to a friend to support him or her. This time, it was all about me and it just felt incredibly good…

But here I am now, to say thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL OF YOU guys out there: Your support and kindness  have amazed me and I accept this award on behalf of all you. Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing my posts and articles. But mostly, thank you for standing by me  and voting me the best female blogger of the year in this year’s edition of the Maroc Web Awards …

Thank you to my family for the constant encouragement: Mom, dad and little sister Jalila.

Thank you to all my friends: Ahmed, Zainab, Hicham, Zineb (Yes I have two friends who share the same name), Redouane, Hamza, Houda, Kenza, Leila, Soukaina and Imane, this wouldn’t have been possible without you guys.

Thank you to my all time favorite teacher, my english teacher: Mr Hafi because if I’m able to speak and write in english it is thanks to him.

Thank you to all the people who let me do an interview with them or just write a post about what they do: Ali Berrada, Amine Benboubker, Majdouline Lyazidi, Anass Yakine, Lamia from Ginger, chocolate and honey and Med Anass El Issmaeli.

Thank you to all the girls who made fun of me in primary and secondary school… I do not share my trophy with you 😀

And finally thank you to my role model and idol: Oprah Winfrey for setting a great and positive example I’ve always been looking up to.

You may have no idea how much this means to me but when I tell you that this blog has changed my life, I am not being dramatic. I am simply being brutally honest. According to Hind is all me and the more I write, the more I want to write and the more I’m going to keep on writing. According to Hind is the place where I can share everything I’ve always loved: Writing, movies, music, fashion, photography and soon cooking (Teasing). According to Hind is the place where I have met so many wonderful people in the blogging world and with According to Hind, I understood for the first time what it felt like to take a chance, and see it succeed… It feels SO good.

Today, I’m here to say that I have a long way to go and SO MANY other goals to fulfill, but I am in a place now where I can walk with more confidence and pride. Today, I feel braver, more in control and more focused… I know what I want and I know I’m going to get…

Today, I cannot imagine my life without According to Hind or without you guys!

Computer air high fives everyone, stay happy 😀