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Youtube video of the day


Hey everyone,

Tonight, I thought I’d introduce you to a great documentary series that is coming out soon « Voyage avec Leila Ghandi ». It is truly going to be a window on the world and that’s why you don’t want to miss it.

So mark your calendars and make sure you watch it.

WHAT ? « Voyage avec Leila Ghandi » is a documentary of 52 minutes. It is an extraordinary journey that mixes spontaneous and real discoveries, meetings, interviews and promises to open a new kind of dialogue about society, culture and politics.

WHO ? Leila Ghandi is the moroccan photographer and a filmmaker that is going to takes us on a magnificient journey with her documentary film series « Voyage avec Leila Ghandi ».

WHERE ? It will be broadcast on the Moroccan channel 2M.

WHEN ?  Every last Sunday of each month starting this march 25th at 9h25 p.m

Make sure you check Leila’s Facebook page and Website for more information and details.