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Dounia Lamharzi: The Interview

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I wonder if there is such a thing as a good addiction…

Why am I asking this question, you wonder ?

Well, I believe I’m addicted to music, my day is always completely empty and boring without it.

I wake up to music, I walk the streets listening to music, I study, work and even write listening to music, I even analyze situations listening to music…

There is no theory. You only have only to listen and pleasure is the law. That’s why I love music passionately. And because l love it, I love sharing it and talking about the latest tracks I’m obsessed with most of the time.

I’ve been blasting my summer playlist on the way back home from my internship and updating it in a daily basic and I’ve got a facebook group, 1452 members and one admin to thank for that :

Dounia Lamharzi, she is geniunely one of the people that EVERYONE seems to know and that EVERYONE should know because she’s behind this AMAZING facebook group called : … Ces chansons qui nous font découvrir le 7ème Ciel … and trust me, there’s no better description than the name of the group itself !

Today is her birthday and so I wanted to wish her a very happy one by -well I sure you’ve guessed it- writing an article about how AWESOME this young lady is…

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