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Answering some unanswered question…

Par défaut

Before the so-called « End of the World », I want to try to answer some of the most popular unanswered questions that have intrigued the masses over the last few years. And guess what ? No one can prove me wrong !

So without any further ado. Here are some answers to some unanswered questions:

1. What is the meaning of life?

Be as happy as you can be and love as much as you can because God only knows what the meaning of life is (Aside from what you’ll find in the dictionary). So get over it and live life to the fullest!

2. What came first: The chicken, or the egg?

Why do you care anyway ? Eat your omelette and chicken nuggets and be grateful for the food you’ve been served ! **Whispering** I believe the chicken came first… Don’t you look at me like that !

3. What is Love ?

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore

4. Is Michael Jackson alive?

Yes and he lives with Elvis, Marilyn Monroe told me !

5. Jacob or Edward ?

Hdidane #FacePalm

6. Do Aliens exist?

Yes, I am one 😀

7. What is the best diet ?

To not diet. Food is made to be consumed in the right amounts at the right times !

8. Why are we here?

Well, I’m sure it’s better than being there !

9. How long will I live ?

Well, until I die !

10. Will the World really end on December 21, 2012?

I say no, it’s not but we will see if Nostradamus was right !