A letter for Juliet by Baba Louay

Par défaut

Hello there Blog friends,

Tonight, I want to introduce you to one of my favourite moroccan Bloggers. Meet my friend: Baba Louay !

I said I will write a letter
But I don’t know if it is any good
I am not acting clever
Neither wanna be misunderstood
I am gonna tell you a secret
I have met a person, at first a stranger
Then her being became sacred
and her absence bitter
I started writing on an old piece of paper
when I finally found a pen
I would wait, but I’m not sure inspiration can
just so you know the importance of this letter
There is a dying candle in front
some cards, an ashtray, a bar of chocolate
and a book entitled the art of happiness
and that’s what she does,
I suppose
she makes people happy, I am a witness
I thought about her for a while before sleep
yeah that night I couldn’t count the sheep
I was inspired, to put ink on paper
with this romantic atmosphere, it couldn’t be easier
I didn’t have to plan how to write this letter
I knew that words will flow
I like that I think about her as a stranger
this way I am excited to know more
besides, she enlightens my smile,
triggers my happy mood and kills my frown
I think I like her, I guess she likes me too
Maybe a little less or a little more than I do
Life is short to spend it with the wrong people
they’re saying
She gets out the best in me..
I do the same, I’m hoping
if that’s what it is about. Let it be..
Few things are said and there is more
I think I don’t want her to be a stranger, not anymore
My candle is crying, please dont do the same
This is what it felt like and I thought I’d share
I don’t know why I dare
Maybe I shouldn’t have written this letter that way
It’s not for me, it’s for her anyway.
Check out his Blog, his facebook page and Twitter account for more information.

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