Air high fives to #hijabuppropet !


Hello there Blog friends,

I hope monday treated you right 😀

Today was all about Tolerance and Coexistence for me and the way Swedish citizens stood in solidarity with a pregnant Muslim woman after she was beaten left me in a state of Awe.

Foujan Rouzbeh and Nabila Abdul Fattah, organizers of hijabuppropet, said this initiative is about raising awareness on the types of abuse Muslim women face for their religious identity !

Here are some of the pictures from the official instagram account.

Air High fives !


  1. Crazy. Hijab is discrimination against women. How can that be used as a symbol for this? Crazy. It should have been done in another way. The world is going crazy,

    • Hello there Blog friend,

      Hitting girl for just being different is crazy indeed. But allow me to state the following:

      Hijab isn’t a « discrimination against women » as I am sure you have never met a Hijabi (That’s a woman who wears a head scarf) and you’ve probably based your judgement on what the Media shows you.

      According to me, (See what I just did there) 😀 Hijab is a choice, a religious sympbol, a culture to more than 1.5 billion people around this World and NO, not all muslim women wear it because again, it is a choice.

      I may agree with you; the World is a crazy place… Only because we do not respect and tolerate each other and and try to learn from our differences and live in peace. Why do you think innocent people are getting killed every single day ?

      This post that you have just read and commented on was put together by a 22 years old moroccan Hijabi girl -myself- and guess what ? I don’t think it’s a discrimination against women, I enjoy every right you can think of in this World and NO, I won’t judge you for saying what you said because I believe in freedom of expression.

      Have a great night/ day Blog friend and may peace be upon you 😀

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