5 feeds you need to follow on Twitter

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Hey there Blog friends,

I hope you’re doing really well 😀

Tonight, I want to share with you 5 of my favourite Webzines that I believe YOU need to follow on Twitter.

These Twitter feeds come from avid and passionate people that make great content on the moroccan websosphere !

Without any further ado and without any specific order, here are 5 feeds that you need to follow on Twitter:


This is one of my favorite moroccan Webzines to follow on Twitter.

Artisthich is so enthusiastic about all aspects of literature, music and Art that even their tweets are wonderful to read, providing information and recommendations in less than 140 characters.

According to me, Artisthick is a must follow on Twitter !


I’m sure Lioumness will become one of your all time favorite Twitter feeds.

The concept of Lioumess is the regular sharing of contaporary creation in Morocco and around the Arab World with the aim of making our generation discover new projects, interesting people and wonderful converage of several events around the World.

And as a traveler myself, Harraga Bag has to be my favourite category in the Website 😀


If you’re looking for one of the most comprehensive Twitter culture feeds, look no further !

ONORIENT regularly posts playlist, reviews and information about a variety of litterature, art and culture all the way from Morocco to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and beyond. This is the perfect literary feed for someone who wants to branch out into different types of cultures; ONORIENT will expose you to things that are of really good quality, but perhaps you’ve never thought to check before. Which is always a great thing 😀

I personally love ONORIENT and the people behind it and no they didn’t pay me to say any of this. Seriously !


Frask is another Webzine that is designed around the idea of using social media to spark culture and Art in the spirit of our generation.

You’ll find posts about architecture, cinema, plastic arts, litterature, design, photography, different reviews and some new original ideas such as: Unplugged, Talk to, 60 Secondes and Event which make Frask a must follow on Twitter and other social media tools.


WeLoveBuzz is one of the best Webzines out there for discovering new videos, scoops and OMG moments from around the globe ! And I was very proud of their coverage of the Daniel dilemma in the past few days !

Following this Twitter account will give you a new perspective of the online world in general. You will find not just videos and reviews but also news and interviews with both famous and upcoming artists.

I love WeLoveBuzz and I believe you will too 😀

Have you got some favorite Twitter feeds to share?

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