What you need to know about: Pedophilia

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We fear and despise pedophiles all over the World !

In Morocco, people were shocked to hear that a child molester called Daniel; -a Spanish pedophile who rapped 11 little boys and girls and was sentenced to 30 years of prison has been liberated after spending a year and a half in jail by a royal decree-. The same people pacifically protested yesterday and were violently oppressed !

The criminal is free now ! He is back on the streets of another country, somewhere far away from our moroccan children !

Unfortunately, other pedophiles are still out here in Morocco and that’s why we need to know who they are so we can -at least- protect our children.

Here are some facts about Pedophilia and Pedophiles:

  1. The term pedophilia was coined in 1886 by psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing.
  2. Pedophilia is when an adult is sexually attracted to and/or fantasizes about prepubescent (under the age of 13) children.
  3. Pedophiles can come in any shape, socio-economic group, race or gender.
  4. Many pedophiles report being sexually abused as children.
  5. Although no scientific causes of pedophilia have been identified, one theory supposes that it’s a genetic disorder.
  6. Treatment for pedophiles often includes a combination of psychotherapy and medication.
  7. Therapy is used to help the pedophile talk about and work through his or her identity and childhood problems.
  8. The Internet and social networking websites make it easier for pedophiles to target young children.
  9. Pedophiles may have the following things in common: low self esteem; awkward in adult social situations, especially with women; painful childhood experiences; self-obsession; and the sense that he or she is still a child.
  10. Experts say simple safety guidelines can protect children and teens from child abuse. These include:
    • Never giving out your personal information on the Internet or to strangers.
    • Avoid talking to strangers or anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable or scared.
    • Let your parents know where you are and whom you’re with at all times.
    • Remember that people are not always who they say they are on the internet.
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