Maghrape is the new Maghreb !

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« You should use them the way you like and then throw them away. Don’t hesitate to do that. The same like what you do with tissue paper; you use it and then you throw it. They will cry and try to get your sympathy but they are liars. They are liars and thieves and they master the art of sex. This is truth. They are the best on bed !”
Those are the words of José, a spanish pedophile who travels almost monthly to Morocco to have sex with children and you can see that on this report !

How does that make you feel about your country and all the kids who live in it ?

To me, it is just outrageous and what’s even more blood boiling is knowing that my words will most definitely change absolutely nothing about what happened yesterday !  But at least, I know I will be engaging in conversations about this troubling issue !
A few hours ago, I conducted a small research about Pedophilia in Morocco. During which, I came across harrowing numbers that attest that 70 moroccan kids are raped EVER.SINLGE.DAY and 26 000 cases of pedophilia are reported EVER.SINGLE.YEAR in the country according to the statistics recently disclosed by “Don’t touch my Child” Association.
The people behind this association work with continued efforts to raise awareness about this serious problem and affect positive change. They work for a day when moroccan kids everywhere are safe and protected.
But then comes the day, when I am mesmerised -once again- by the kindness and forgiveness acts of the people of this country that set a spanish child molester -who raped 11 moroccan children- free after one year and half in prison. Yes, one year and a few months for raping 11 kids and I meant to say it twice because I am sickened with this situation !
Maghrape ? Is that what you’re looking forward to by setting him free or are you maybe trying to make this country a perfect destination for those seeking to pour out their sexual sickness on our innocent children ?
If Maghrape is the new Maghreb aka Morocco, you are putting these kids and others in danger and forcing them and their families to live in a place that doesn’t protect them or give them justice !
Adding to the problem is the fact that the Moroccan Constitution, yes, the new one, makes no specific mention of « pedophilia » as a statute. Is that because the word doesn’t even exist in the arabic dictionary ? True story !

How can we fight evil when its name doesn’t even exists in our lexicon ?


Pedophilia isn’t going to stop any time soon. Not when you set pedophiles free I am afraid ! It just carries -along with other problems- a sizable stigma, perpetuating an aura of silence and no solution for any time soon !

Raising awareness and engaging in conversations is the only way if you and I want to inspire change and while the rest of « us » continue to live in folklores of shimmering beaches and gorgeous mountains, those 11 kids and others will be pleading daily for justice, economic and social changes !

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  1. I have always been proud of the -somewhat- stability of our country. The way we managed to escape the Arabian spring with minimal to none damage. True, we have our one issues, but at the end of the day, which country doesn’t? Nonetheless, I’ve always acted as if everything was alright. It’s the first time I’ve ever indulged myself in a political issue or merely commented on it. I always stay out of such things. But hey, patience has limits. I was really shocked yesterday by the unfortunate news that a Spanish molester was set free, just because he’s Spanish. I don’t know what kind of message the Royal Castle is trying to send, but the only message I’m receiving is that pedophiles and child molesters are welcome in Morocco. I’m expecting a rise in pedophilia in our country. I’m not quite sure about this one, but I heard we are currently holding the second position when it comes to pedophilia, might as well just aim for the first huh ? الله المستعان

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