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Hello there Blog friends,

Today, I will be writing a slightly different article and it will be published right here and on one of my new favourite moroccan webzines ONORIENT.

If you’re following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you would most definitely know that I’ve been in Amman, Jordan last week and let me start by stating the following: « I love Amman and everything it has to offer ».

I have been lucky enough to visit this amazing city 3 times already and I wouldn’t mind to go back again tomorrow.

Without any further ado, here are 10 things you must do if you visit Amman:

Copyright: Hind Touissate

1. Visit the Roman Amphitheatre: People tend to consider me as a very lucky person but I knew I really was when I got to enter the Roman Amphitheatre FOR FREE. As I was looking for my purse to pay my ticket, the man I was supposed to pay asked me where I was from and I answered -You guessed it right- « Morocco ». So he told me that on that day, all international tourists will benefit from a free entry… I happy danced… In my head :DBack to the Amphitheatre now, it is the largest Roman theatre in Jordan, with a seating capacity of up to 6000 people. It was cut into the north side of one of Amman’s seven hills in what is now the city’s downtown. The theatre was much restored in the 1950s and 1960s and has since held many cultural events and concerts. Within the Amphitheatre complex are two small museums, dedicated to Jordanian folklore and popular traditions. I would recommend you to go in the evening.

Copyright: Hind Touissate

2. Downtown Amman: To jordanians, « El Balad » or Downtown Amman is a place where they wouldn’t go unless they had to. But to a tourist, it is THE RIGHT place and way to experience local food, cafés, music, books in a very traditional way.

I had my very first bite of Falafel in there and it was love from the very first foulfoula. You may laugh, it’s good for you 😀

3. The Citadel: Occupying « Jabal al-Qala’a » which is the highest of the seven hills in Amman offering panoramic views of the city – particularly of the Roman Amphitheatre.

I was walking with an open jaw the whole way, speaking of which, make sure to wear very confortable shoes; I thanked the Lord that day for not being so into high feels.

In the Citadel, you’ll find Hercule’s temple, the Ummayd’s Palace, a Byzantine church, some roman walls and the Museum of Archaeology and there were two men playing what sounded like scottish music to me. It will be very interesting to spend an hour walking around the old monuments and touching everything you can and can’t touch.

Citadel took me thousands of years back and the views from the old city that I got were all breathtaking.

4. Rainbow Street: You can’t claim you’ve been to Amman if you don’t walk, eat and talk to people in Rainbow Street.

This street is full of life all day long but it is simply magical at night. You’ll find people walking around, queuing to grab a falafel sandwich, smoking Shisha, drinking coffee in sophisticated cafés, restaurants, cinemas and shops.I assure you that you’ll hear some guys playing guitar and singing after a few steps in Rainbow Street. Morever, I believe there’s a t-shirt for everyone in there so make sure to get one for you and your friends.

5. Al-Husseini Mosque: Al-Husseini Mosque is a lovely mosque located in downtown Amman. It was built by the first king of Jordan, King Abudullah I, in 1924, when Jordan was still called Transjordan and was still under British rule.

6. Visit a Church: Churches are everywhere in Amman and I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the harmony between muslims and christians in this country.

People here respect each other, live with each other and are best friends with each other without any problems.I remember walking into a church that night for the first time in my life and hearing « HALLELUJAH » in the back of my brain 😀 I took a lot of pictures, I got to talk to « abouna » -a very nice greek priest-, I toured the church  and I loved every second of it. Many many thanks go to my dear friend Nacer !

Copyright: Hind Touissate

7. Eat Falafel at Falafel Al Quds: They seriously have the best Falafel I tasted in Amman. Falafel Al Quds is probably the number one choice of Falafel sandwich for most tourists and locals ! It is located on the busy Rainbow Street.

Some may say it’s over-rated but I say it’s a good falafel sandwich and I take my Falafel very seriously !

8. Jafra: It has to be my all time favourite place to eat in Amman and that’s why I think it deserves a whole article on its own. Jafra starts from the entrance to the stairs to every small detail on the walls, the roof, the smells, the people, the waiting room, the library, the small office, the aquarium where I think I found Nemo by the way and of course THE FOOD !

Jafra is a must visit if you are in Amman.

Copyright: Hind Touissate

9. Beit Shocair: I got to have dinner with friends from different Arab countries such as: Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen at Beit Shocair and I was lucky enough to be welcomed by the owner of this beautiful old Syrian-style house. I even interviewed him which you will definitely see in one of my upcoming videos.The food is great, the view is amazing, the conversations become priceless and you’ll really feel like you’re at one of your long lost uncle’s house.

I also had an amazing conversation with Rajaie Twal and Farah Abu Zannad, the owners of Customade which is a must visit shop inside the Beit.

10. Jabal Amman stairs: Take one of the many stairs in Jabal Amman and do what I did: Climb them while singing « EYE OF THE TIGER » out loud then fall face flat at the top, play dead and scare your friends *Evil laugh*. Ok, maybe you should forget about the last detail but taking those stairs was definitely one of my favourite things to do in Amman !

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed putting together for you.You can find more picture of Amman on my instagram account.

Computer air high fives.


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