5 ways to detox your mind

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STOP ! Take a moment, hold your breath, count to ten, breathe then consider ways to change your state of mind, free up some space in your cluttered head. Have a look over the areas of your life that you can improve upon: Spiritual, school, college, university, career, financial, physical, mental, family and social.

Here are 5  to detox your brain:

1. Live in The NOW !

Choose some positive mantras, and keep them in mind throughout the day.

Choose optimism and settle for nothing less than magnificience in your life.

Be present in your life ! Take a moment to enjoy the now. Take joy from the little things that are happening around you, don’t miss them because you’re too absorbed in the flurry of life.

2. Let Go of Grudges:

We’ve all had bad things happen to us in our lives. These events help define us, and who we become as people.

The key is not letting these negative happenings consume us, and become all that we are. One of the difficult but rewarding ways to clear your mind is to decide not to let negativity stagnate you. Then move forward mentally.

3. Don’t Sweat about The Small Things:

Always try to look at the big picture; look at the grand scheme of things. Obsessing over perceived slights, what people may think of you, hurtful experiences drain your energy, and sap your joy and happiness. You have better things to do with your time ! There’s a life out there to be lived ! You’re denying yourself new opportunities that are out there waiting for you.

Don’t look down, don’t look back, look at the horizon. This is an essential element in detoxing your mind.

4. Sleep:

You know it’s important and you know you don’t sleep enough ! Don’t watch the TV before going to bed, make sure you have a dark room, and lay the day’s worries at the bedroom door.

Count your blessings of the day as you drift off to sleep with a smile on your face.

5. Breathe:

Take a moment to drop your shoulders and relax your jaw. Breathing out, feel the stress and negative feelings leaving your body through your mouth. Inhale, and feel positive energy coming in to replace the bad. Do this 10 times and you’ll be amazed at how ready you are to go on with your day.

Remember small steps can still take you forwards !

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