5 advantages of being positive

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Hey Blog friends,

I hope you’re all doing really well 😀

Guess what ? Today is march 20th and it’s the international day of Happiness. How great is that ?

Every single day should be an international day of happiness. I am not saying that I am necessarily happy every single day. But one thing is for sure… I am still learning how to bring happiness into my life by keeping it positive, getting rid of all the negativity surrounding me and looking at the brighter side if things.

Now if you don’t consider yourself as one of those people who are easily able to see the brighter side of things, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of being positive. Maybe that will convince you to take control over your life, look at the things in a different light and BE HAPPY !

Here are 5 advantages of being positive:

1. Work Smarter:

Studies show that positive people outperform negative people in work environments, as the positive environment fostered a improved performance.While this study was done in a workplace setting, the same can be assumed for school or other settings where you work with others !

2. Encourage Others:

Let’s face it, the world can be very harsh and cruel sometimes. And a good reason to be optimistic is to encourage and inspire others through hard times. It’s definitely not an easy job, but the world needs positive people to lead others to think positive and do good for others.

3. Improved Health:

Another fantastic reason to be optimistic is that you can enjoy greater health ! Harvard conducted a study with a group of 25 year old students and followed them throughout the course of their lives and found that the optimists were in better health than the pessimists at ages 45 and 60. See, it pays to be positive!

4. Better Resilience:

Being resilient is another advantage of being a positive person that we can all benefit from ! Resilience allows you to face hardships with strength and determination. Optimists have the admirable ability to focus on what they can do to improve the situation when they’re faced with difficult situations. Doing so ultimately helps them to carry on and overcome life’s challenges !

5. Live Longer:

Studies have shown that optimists tend to live longer and cope with illnesses better than their pessimistic counterparts. Maintaining a positive outlook won’t magically fix everything. But having a good attitude can be an important coping mechanism and go a long way when dealing with a long-term illness, per studies reported by the BBC News.

Do you consider yourself to be a positive person?

Source: HappyLiving

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