Words of a Guru’s disciple

Par défaut

Hey there Blog friends, here’s a little something my friend Abdela and I wrote for the picture down below.

But before you take a look at it. Here’s a small message from Abdela:

« I AM VERY HAPPY to tell you that I’ve been nominated for the « Maroc Web Awards » competition in the category of PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR!

First, I would like to thank every single person who nominated me for this award, I’m honored and grateful for your support. But hey, I still need you more for the final step which lies in your « VOTES », but how? Simply by borrowing me ~5 seconds of your time.

0. If you have time, read below, if not, just wish me good luck : )
1. Take a look at my photos first here http://igmirien.com/
2. Let’s assume you like most of my photos, click on http://d.pr/keGX
3. Connect, then click on the « purple » camera icon showing the list of « Photographe de l’année ».
4. You’ve got the list, take a look at the photos of my competitors, if you think I deserve it, pick me.
5. Share this with your friends if you think it might help.

PS: I’m just an amateur photographer. Photography is my passion and means of expression, it embodies my beliefs and my compassion.

Why I’d like to win? I’m just interested by getting my work discovered and discussed by others. No more no less.

Thank you for your time! »

If you judge me for what’s on my head instead of what’s inside my brain
Then there’s nothing I can do for you

I believe in life, I believe in love
I believe in the youth and I believe in everything I’ve felt and seen

I believe in Paris and I believe in Delhi
And if you don’t
Then there’s something wrong with you and nothing wrong with me

Don’t judge me for my beard
Don’t judge me for my freckles
I am human and my heart beats just like yours

I heard of what they wrote in the papers the other day
And it made me wonder: Where is this beautiful world going ?

It’s 2013 and they judge you for the color of your skin
It’s far away from anything I’ve ever believed in

So don’t judge them for the way they look
Don’t judge them based on where they came from
Don’t hurt people with words stronger than Mohamed Ali

Believe me, one day, you yourself are going to prove yourself wrong
And come back to this letters I wrote and thank me

Love the world, love each other
Love Paris, London, Tokyo, Delhi and Igmir
Love you and love me
Love life and don’t let any second go to waste

Hear me out, I’m grey and old and I know that this life is worth living for…

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