3 signs you’re probably addicted to technology

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but nowadays, technology is everywhere. It has changed the way we connect with each other and even the way information spreads…

You may already know it by now. I ask myself A LOT of question and I couldn’t help but ask myself the following one today: Is our generation ADDICTED to the new technology and social media ?

We spend most of our daily lives attached to one if not more than one gadget starting with the computer/ Mac you’re using right now to read this article, your handy little smartphone/ iphone or even tablet. They are all, according to me, part of this widespread technology addiction that is taking over our lives every single day.

And truth be told, we are all in need of some sort of intervention to realize that we are indeed ADDICTED and shut our laptops and keep our phones away to spend some quality time with our families and loved ones !

Here are 3 signs you’re probably addicted to technology:

1- The first thing you log into is Facebook/ Twitter:

One of the sure signs you are addicted to technology is when you can’t stay away from Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes, it feels like you’re compelled to update your status or tweet at certain intervals throughout the day. And when you decide to go study or even sleep… Facebook and/ or Twitter will be right there looking at you and going like: « Uh, Uh, No, you are not leaving me now ! »

2- You don’t call anymore, you Whatsapp/ Text:

Another telltale sign you are addicted to technology is when you text or whatsapp more than you actually talk. I know, I know, it’s much easier and it makes you feel in control of the amount of time you want a conversation to last. But if you find yourself texting constantly and neglecting real life family and friends, you need to step back from your gadgets because it is time for some face to face conversations !

3- You get separation anxiety:

Another one of the sure signs you’re addicted to technology is when you get separation anxiety as soon as you don’t have your gadget of choice or even worse your 3G/ WiFi connection isn’t working !

Do you ever get irritable or anxious when you can’t check your inbox or social media accounts ? Do you ask to borrow your friend’s phone just so you can check the lastest updates on Facebook or tweet something that just came to your mind.

Yes, you’re pretty much addicted !


  1. Actually ,this is got me thinking, as much as we’re addicted to technology ,we can’t really cut it out of our life , on the other hand we should not allow it to control our life , so as much as we need it , we should get away from it .. it’s kind of a dilemma!!

  2. We indeed are ! got me thinking about one of our mutual friend who no longer calls but whatsapps us indeed ( both of us)

    Cheer up on the nice thoughts, I always enjoy reading your blog. good luck with your final finals !

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