Happy Sunday… Today is my birthday !

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Hey Blog friends 😀

Happy sunday. I hope as you’re reading this, your day was off to a wonderful start. Mine is going pretty well, I’m turning 22 today, I’m feeling so grateful to be alive, happy and healthy and I’m feeling so excited as I enter into a new year in my life !

21 was an excellent year for me and I wouldn’t change it for anything:

  • I was voted Best Female Blogger in the Maroc Web Awards thanks to YOU and I’ll never thank you enough so: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU 😀
  • I went to 3 beautiful cities: Tunis, Istanbul and Amman and had a real blast 😀
  • I became a Samsung ambassador 😀
  • I started working with amazing organisations such as: Women Campaign International 😀
  • I met so many amazing and talented people from all around the world 😀
  • I had an amazing summer internship 😀

As good as 21 was, I hope 22 is going to be even better:

  • I’m graduating from my school this year 😀
  • I’ll be starting either a full-time job or grad school… I’m not sure yet but I’ll keep you updated 😀
  • I’m writing a book and my goal is to finish it by the time I’m 23 😀
  • I’m learning 2 new languages and perfecting one… Wish me luck with that 😀

I also made some goals that I hope to accomplish in my 22 year of life and I’m sharing some of them with you:

  • Stress less, read, love and laugh more
  • Graduate School without a single drama
  • Be less hard on myself, I truly am my biggest critic
  • Be the best daughter, sister, cousin and friend I can possibly be
  • Be open to new opportunities and be flexible with my life plans

In celebration of today, I’m spending some quality time with family and friends and whatever they’re planning, I hope it includes a BIG cake that I’ll be allowed to eat all alone… I’m just saying 😀


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