R.I.P Meryem Draga… I will miss you !

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The words below are the hardest things I ever wrote…

Yesterday, I lost a good friend who struggled with cancer for a little more than 2 years. She was only 21.

Her name’s Meryem. She had a beautiful smile that never left her sweet face even when she was under a lot of pain. She could always find the sunny side of any situation and I always wondered how she could be that strong and positive EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I met her !

This is the first time I lose a friend and truth be told, I didn’t know how to react when I got that Whatsapp message from my friend Houda at 19:41 saying that  Meryem had died. I read the message more than once, stared at my phone without blinking but I couldn’t cry at first and the only words that kept on playing on my mind were : « OMG, Kenza… »

You see, Meryem made great friends throughout the years and I’m sure that every one of them has a bunch of great stories about her. But then there is her; her best friend; the one who’s been there for her since forever… Her name’s Kenza and seeing her yesterday was probably the hardest part for me because I knew how much Meryem means and will always mean to her… I hesitated a couple of seconds before putting my right hand on her left shoulder and I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do but I did it anyway, I did it for a friendship that lasted more than 12 years…

The bottom line is, I couldn’t see the girl I knew since I was 8 years old cry without doing or saying anything but that’s a different story I’m still not ready to share with the World !

Kenza’s actually the one who introduced me to a person as pure and wonderful as Meryem and I’m so grateful to her for that. Now this is the part where words will fail me even though beyond hugs, words are the second thing I’m good at !

This article is for Meryem but the following words are for YOU. Yes, YOU, whoever YOU might be reading this now. Please, no matter who you are and no matter how hectic your agenda or life might be… Make sure to appreciate life and keep all your GOOD friends close to you. Make sure to tell them the following words out loud whenever you get a chance to :


Make sure you remind your friends of that… Constantly !

Meryem left behind a lot of friends and a really kind and caring family. She’s -insha’Allah- in a better place now.

I love you Meryem. I will miss you. You were a wonderful person and I will NEVER forget you… MAY YOU REST IN PEACE.


  1. Nous sommes à Dieu et à lui nous revenons

    On lisons l’article, j’ai pas pu retenir mes larmes de coulées, certes je l’ai pas connue en personne dans ce Monde mais à travers tes mots j’ai pu réaliser que je viens de perdre une sœur unique :s

    « Ô Seigneur ! Pardonne à nos vivants et à nos morts, aux présents et aux absents, aux jeunes et aux vieux, aux hommes et aux femmes. Ô Seigneur ! Celui d’entre nous que Tu maintiens en vie, fais-le vivre sur la voie de l’Islam et celui d’entre nous dont Tu as repris l’âme, fais-le mourir dans la foi. Ô Seigneur ! Ne nous prive pas de sa récompense et ne nous égare pas après sa mort. »

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