Top 10 Ramadan Health Tips

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During long and hot summer days, it may be required to pay more attention to your health and to ensure adequate nutrition and continued good health, follow these tips:

  1. During the hottest part of the day, stay in cool areas.
  2. During the early evening (after maghrib), have a healthy and balanced dinner. Do not overeat.
  3. Serve your family and guests a « dessert » of fresh fruit and nuts. There are lovely choices available in this season.
  4. Eat Suhoorjust prior to dawn. Yes, it’s hard to get up at that hour, which is why it has many benefits and rewards.
  5. Sip on water throughout the evening. Aim for 8 glasses by bedtime.
  6. During the evening hours, resist the temptation to drink too much tea, coffee, and soda.
  7. Light exercise, such as walking for 15-20 minutes, is best done in the evening hours.
  8. Avoid fried and spicy foods as they may cause heartburn or indigestion.
  9. Brush your teeth several times a day.
  10. Organize your schedule so that you get enough sleep.





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