10 tips to reduce exam stress

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I’m taking a break right now to post an article about how to reduce exam stress. Why? Because my own exams are starting tomorrow. Wish me luck !

Stress can be positive thing if *Cough*like me*Cough you’re that type of person who has to be FORCED to study. However, too much stress can be unhelpful because it’ll make you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. So it is very important to keep things in perspective and find ways of reduce stress:

Here are 10 tips to reduce exam stress:

1/ Stick with your routine: Changing your sleep patterns or diet in the days leading up to your exam will take you out of your comfort zone. Even though it’s harder to manage your time during an exam period, try to maintain a productive and healthy routine.

2/ Focus on the present, not the past or the future: Thinking about how you could’ve studied more, how the exam is going to be the hardest one yet, or how a poor performance may affect you negatively can all equally distract you from the task at hand. So pay attention to present details and focus your energy on managing things you can currently control, like relaxing and thinking positively.

3/ Eliminate    negative    thoughts:    You    can    minimize    exam stress by monitoring your thoughts and by using reinforcing self-statements or positive thinking. Focus on what you do know, rather than on what you don’t. Build confidence through rational thinking.

4/ Spend time with friends who have a positive effect on you and make sure to EXCLUSIVELY. prepare your exams with those who will help you study and have fun at the same time.

5/ Don’t drink too much coffee, tea or fizzy drinks. Caffeine will keep you up and reduce the clarity of your thinking.

6/ The nutrients will help your brain stay sharp. Avoid food with high fat content.

7/ To prevent mental fatigue, take a short break as soon as you notice your mind is losing concentration.

8/ Stay away from distractions that could cause loss of concentration or unwanted anxiety.

9/ Revise and learn (don’t just re-read): Sometimes reading through notes doesn’t result in learning or understanding.

10/ There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.  Exams have a beginning and an end, and the stress that goes along with them should end with the exam.

Source: http://www.rediff.com


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