The artist movie review

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Months after I saw ‘The Artist, I found myself talking about it every time a conversation about movies starts.

This movie’s real beauty is its innocence and the way it brought back old movies’ simplicity to the 21st-century audience. These abandoned black and white movies have been forgotten for more than 80 years. Can you believe that ?

Within twenty minutes, I’ve already forgotten that dialogue is a part of movies and I began to feel and understand all the emotions Jean DuJardin and Bérénice Bejo were transmitting without needing to hear a single word.

I never thought watching a silent film would be filled with that amount of entertainment and to my surprise, « The Artist » was refreshing, delightful, original and exquisitely made. The story was lovely, the choregraphy was alive, the music was sensational and the actors were simply geniuses.

Allow me now to talk very briefly about the story: George Valentin, played by the wonderful Jean Dujardin (From Un gars, une fille 😀 ) is a silent-film superstar who is on top of the world. One day, he accidently sees Peppy Miller, played by Bérénice Bejo, who’s one of his biggest fans. This accidental brush gets caught by the press and lands her a part in Valentin’s next picture and then leads her to bigger and bigger rols until she becomes a superstar in Hollywood.

It is 1929, so the talking pictures were born and people wanted more talking ‘Fresh meat’ so Valentin’s career hits the brick wall overnight and I’ll let you discover the rest of the story because I’m used to give too many spoilers…

My personal favorite scene would definitely be the introduction of sound… Sound has never sounded so beautiful to me. You’ll hear glass hit a table, stool getting knocked over, wind brushing over the grass and a feather explosing… Simple yet very surprising. The Artist deserved every single Award out there.

So if you haven’t had the chance to see it yet, go and watch it RIGHT NOW !

Stars: 5/5

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