First anniversary of the Arab Spring discussion with the UK Ambassador in Morocco, Tim Morris

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I will never say this enough: I’m a « pro-revolution » kind of person because I believe in Human Rights and I believe in the strong human need for Change. Yes, I’m a « pro-revolution » kind of person as long as the ‘revolutionists’ are breaking the shackles of fear, taking their destiny into their own hands and wanting change without harming themselves, others and their country’s image -It sounds more like a mission impossible, I know!-

These brave people are, whether they want it or not, ambassadors of their own countries and thus, they’re reflecting what’s going wrong in it and how they’re dealing with it to the rest of the world. Which is an action that has to be taken very responsibly.

The Arab spring began in January 2011 and so it has reached its first anniversary a while ago… And what started on February 17th with one man protesting for dignity led the whole Arab world to a still growing number of revolutions, millions of people calling for political, social and economic reforms in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, etc. thousands of people losing their lives and tens of thousands injured as I’m writing this post RIGHT NOW !

Now back to the first anniversary of the Arab Spring and the reason behind this article. I was actually invited with prominent Moroccan journalist and blogger, Oussama Benjelloun to a tea discussion on Thursday 02 February at 17:00 in the residence of HM Ambassador Tim Morris in Rabat to exchange views, discuss issues related to the Arab Spring and mark its first anniversary and I thought I’d share our discussion with you guys in the video down below.


    • Sure Hicham, I will elaborate 😀

      « Without harming the country’s image » by distroying other people’s properties including public properties -Do you rmember what happened in Marrakech last year?- by claiming that your point of view is the same as the rest of the population -whether you’re with or against the Revolution-, by hitting people who are walking peacefully and screaming their rights in the streets, by oppressing a journalist and getting him arrested for expressing his opinion loudly in a newspaper, by arresting a young rapper for singing what he thinks is wrong in his country, by having a media who is keeping what’s really going on in a country from its population and the list goes on… Either ways, these samples are harming the image of the country !

      Thank you for your question and I’m here for any further explication 😀

      Have a great night.

      • Thank you Hind. I raised the question because I think that « harming the country’s image » is an argument that has been fraudulently used by almost every oppressive regime each time it is faced with decent. It is a nebulous argument that we shouldn’t be perpetuating. Having said that, I agree with all the other things you said. I congratulate you for your excellent blog by the way and I thank you for sharing this interview with the British ambassador… no less 🙂
        Keep up the good work.

  1. Hind u know what ? today in my english class , the teacher ask us : if you could be anybody else , who would you like to be ? and guess what i said
    – i would like to be HIND TISKAT , she is WAAAAAOUH , he writes in a blog and i love her ideas , the way she writes , everything , she is beauuutiful .
    and to make a long story short , i’m in love with your ideas and with everything you say or you do ! ( but not with you because u know .. i’m a girl 😀 😀 HAHA )
    Bonne continuation hind 😀 wish you the best girl 😀

    • Awwww, thank you so much Oumaima, that’s really sweet 😀 Your comment just made my day 😀 I’m so glad you like the blog 😀
      Thank you again and good luck with your studies, I wish you all the best 😀

      Let me know if there’s anyhting you’d like to see or read on According to Hind 😀
      Have a great week 😀

  2. Hi I just discovered your blog by watching a video of you on youtube and I couldn’t believe that you are a morrocan girl,I mean you are my idol now,and you look very young I was expecting you to be like 18 or something but 21 that’s great and I was kind of choked, whatever what I wanted to say is that your English is amazing and congratulation for the award ,you deserved it ,and thank you for being you 🙂

    • Oh waw ! Thank you so much Sara. This is the first thing I read this morning when I opened my laptop ! Thank you so much, it really means the world to me and I’m glad you liked the blog.

      Have an amazing day and write me as often as you’d like to 😀

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