Auguste Renoir

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French artist who painted in the Impressionist style. Renoir’s paintings portray the beauty and color of life and the sensuality of women. Renoir’s love of art and painting started when he was just a boy and his paintings are now counted among some of the most valuable and influential in the world.

Here are 6 interesting facts I found about this amazing artist:

1. Travels :

Renoir traveled Europe and met many people and saw many places. He sought out other painters like Velazquez, Delacroix, and Raphael. Renoir also met and painted a portrait of composer Richard Wagner.

2. Guernsey :

Renoir created fifteen paintings while spending a summer in Guernsey, a landscape that was diverse and beautiful. These paintings would be featured on a set of commemorative postage stamps in 1983.

3. A family affair :

Earlier in his career, Renoir, like many painters, hired models to pose. However, after his marriage, he often used his wife and children as the models for his paintings. His paintings that reflect the occurrences of daily life were taken from his own experiences with his family.

4. Donating to the Queen :

At the request of Queen Victoria’s associate, Renoir donated several of his pieces to the queen as a sign of his loyalty to the crown.

5. Renoir’s painting count and style :

Renoir made several thousand paintings during his lifetime. His work is often copied and reproduced. Original works by Renoir tend to be very sensual. He changed his style a few times. At first he started painting scenery, then he incorporated formal portraiture, next he was persuaded to try something new in a style that is now called his Ingres period. He then went back to his classical roots. He used thin brushes so that he could focus on the details of the figures in his paintings.

6. Arthritis :

Later in life, Renoir developed arthritis. This illness severely limited his movement, including the movement of his hands and shoulder. Thus he had to adapt his painting technique. As the paralysis worsened, he would paint by having his brush strapped to his bandaged hands.

Source: Surfnetkids

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