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« Entrepreneurship is the perfect way to create employment opportunities« , said yesterday in Marrakech, the Chairman of the Association of Moroccan Professionals in America, Khalil Jai Hokimi and today was all about Entrepreneurship and Youth Unemployment.

I entered the conference room to find Madeleine K. Albright, Walter Isaacson and Mostafa Terrab discussing public private partnerships that are defining a new paradigm. They addressed some of the most significant challenges of the 21st century, particularly in the realm of economic development and their conversation explored best practices for Partnerships, including those that go beyond traditional « corporate social responsibility » to new models of « shared value ».

Additionally,  the panelists discussed the unique role that the private sector can play as a catalyst and innovator for tackling youth unemployment and stimulating entrepreneurship.

Then, I attented a plenary Session addressing youth unemployment through Entrepreneurship and Education. The session explored solutions for youth unemployment and discussed key gaps that must be bridged for entrepreneurs to flourish in the Maghreb, including education, training and mentorship. It will also address the unique economic challenges and opportunities facing those seeking to start a business in the region.

And while others were attending conferences/ Workshops about: Supporting an Eco-System for Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups, Access to Finance: Venture Capital and Private Equity, Angel Investing, Innovation and Technology As Tools of Empowerment, Franchising, Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries, Youth Training for Job Creation in the Maghreb, University Partnerships and Research, Technology and Online Tools for Supporting Training and Education, K-12 Education, Mentorship, US-Maghreb and Cross Regional Exchange, I was actually lucky enough to do an interview with Walter Isaacson, President & CEO, The Aspen Institute; Vice Chair, Partners for a New Beginning and the author behind the world wide best seller: Steve Jobs, the biography and Jose Fernando, US assistant Secretary of state for Economics and Business Affairs. I’ll upload the videos on Vimeo soon.

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PNB Napeo – Day 2 Review

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