THANK YOU for nominating me for the MAROC WEB AWARDS


What a surprise !

 Thank YOU,  thank you, thank you for nominating me for this award.

This nomination will make blogging so much more enjoyable and challenging for me 😀

It’s funny how one year ago, I was one of the people who voted for the nominees in the 4th edition of Maroc Blog Awards -And secretly wished to be one of them- and it’s even funnier how just 6 months ago, I started a blog that my best friend named « According to Hind » and now I am nominated in the Best Female Blogger Category.

I’m just REALLY honored and grateful but above it all…

I’m happy !

I’m REALLY  happy !

I’m REALLY REALLY  happy !

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY that I’ve been doing the HAPPY dance for the past 48 hours -And I’m sure it is going to last for a long while- 😀

So thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every single person out there who nominated me, took the time to read my posts, liked my articles or just shared them on facebook, twitter or Google+.

I am deeply in love with you thankful for your support.

-Computer Air High Five-


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