The Top 10 best Moroccan Blogs/Bloggers of 2011

Par défaut

If you’re looking for some reliable Moroccan Blogs, look no further !

The following are, according to me, THE TOP 10 BEST Blogs/Bloggers in the moroccan webosphere and, trust me, they need to be at the top of your reading list too :

PS: I put my personal favorite blogs in an alphabetical order.

  • Artisthick :

    The blogger seems to be into so many things: Music, movies, Art and Etc… (And yes that’s a category) but in spite of that, the blog is updated regularly.

    Almost everything on the blog is pitch perfect and nicely thought out. I can’t but admire the passion the blog is maintained with. Go check and see for yourself !

  • Big Brother :

    With the daily launching of new information, it is difficult for us to understand everything, build an opinion and decide what to follow and what to believe. And in this case, a Big Brother by our side isn’t be a bad idea, right ?
    The blogger here is Anass El Filali who, according to me, is pretty aware of all things and has no fear expressing his opinion. The blog is updated regularly which is an indirect testimony to the fact that the content is well received by the readers who voted him BEST BLOGGER in last year’s Maroc Blog Awards ceremony.
    Don’t forget: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. So go check every inch of his blog !

  • Chanel After Coco :

    The name of this blog is quite unique and self explanatory : Chanel after Coco Aka Fashion, Fashion and more Fashion…
    I can simply sum up by saying that it was a delightful read every single time especially with the amount of pictures (And beautiful/ handsom models… I’m just saying) that the blog suggests.
    Recommended check for sure!

  • DocteurHo Aka Robin des Blogs :

    This is one of the blogs that inspired me to started blogging in the first place. It has been around since 2005.
    The content is mesmerizing and Riad Essbai’s expressions will either make you plunge into a dream or open your eyes to face an unbearable reality that MUST be faced.
    Yes, the blog is that inspiring.
    The blog also comes across some personal experiences in the author’s life with a tinge of humor and morale which is one of the MANY reasons why I consider it as a must read.

  • Ginger chocolate and honey :

    I like the blog’s design. The header image goes with the blog’s name and actually has chocolates in there…
    The blogger has made a complete blog for herself where she writes under no obligation. All you’ll find in the blog is her thoughts, her life and her world.
    PS: Just make sure you eat something before checking Ginger, chocolate and Honer… Don’t say I didn’t warn you !

  • Hicham Tahir – Le Blog :

    Hicham Tahir’s blog is one of the famous personal blogs in the moroccan blogosphere.
    With a huge variety of topics on the blog, the blogger is a fearless writer. My lips are sealed I’ll let you discover his writings by yourself but one thing is for sure: Every time I check this blog, there is an overflow of emotions in every post and each one deals with a different topic !
    To conclude, I would say it is a blog by a smart, passionate and CRAZY blogger called… You guessed it right… Hicham Tahir !

  • LCassetta Blog :

    I may sound extravagant in the start but I really have to say this: I have NEVER seen a blog that breathes MUSIC so deeply like Casseta Blog…
    LCassetta is all about MUSIC with hundreds of tracks, playlists and a dozen of interviews that you shouldn’t miss AT ALL.
    So if you’re living under a rock and you don’t know LCassetta blog, go and check it out RIGHT NOW… You won’’t help but appreciate the people behind it for following their passion so passionately.

  • Tiwliwla :

    This is one of my favourite blogs… (And that was a unuseful information). Tiwliwla by Reda El Ourouba mainly deals with social and political issues and brings them up in a unique and interesting manner.
    Truth be told, it’s not difficult at all to make out that all the articles are served directly from the author’s heart and the result? The articles penetrate through your mind and shake your conscience, sometimes it may even change your opinion about some important topics… **cough** PJD **cough**
    Everything on the blog is pitch perfect and nicely thought out. I can’t but admire the passion the blog is maintained with.

  • Tswira :

    Good news for those looking for a place to learn Photography… Here comes the blog dedicated to Photography:
    The blog is fairly new and I expect it to be much bigger in the coming months…
    To sum it all up, I’ll just say that this is a very useful site, especially if you’re an aspiring photographer looking for tips and regular updates about Photography and it is definitely  useful since there are very few moroccan sites catering to this niche.
    PS: I was actually there when the idea fell out of somewhere and into the brain of the very talented photographer Ali Berrada on October 23rd… Again, I’m just saying 😀
  • We love Buzz :

    This blog is definitely one of a kind in Morocco.

    It has selected a good number of categories and have made an effort to customize it to suit the blog: Art, Buzz, Cinema, TV, High-tech, Humor, People, Advertisement and a lot more…

    So, if you’re looking for some genuine topics to read and a lot of original videos to watch, this is one you should start stalking because We all love Buzz and oh well, who doesn’t ?



    • Oussama, thank you for your comment and your opinion but these are the top 10 blogs and bloggers according to me, the ones « I » personally enjoyed reading during 2011. I totally respect all the bloggers who write in arabic, it’s just that I don’t know any of them (I’d love to though) 😀

      Thank again.

    • Hey Abdelaziz,

      I REALLY like « Fringues et meringues », I discovered it recently after the Morocco Mall article, which was truly brilliant and hilarious 😀 But I had to choose just 10 blogs I read in a daily basis during this past year.

      Thank you for your comment and suggestion. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on it 😀

    • J’adore le blog de Safia Tellal 😀 Mais il fallait que je choisisse 10 blogs seulement.

      PS: J’aimerais VRAIMENT faire une interview avec elle prochainement 😀

      Merci pour ton avis Sara.

      Bonne Journée.

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