Amnesty Petition of the week: Free Moroccan journalist Rachid Nini

Par défaut

Rachid Nini is a journalist and the editor-in-chief of the el-Massaa’ daily, was sentenced on 9 June 2011 to one year in prison for “undermining a judicial decision”, “attempting to influence the judiciary”, and “reporting on untrue criminal offences” by the Court of First Instance in Ain S’ba’ in Casablanca.

Amnesty International believes that he is being targeted for his peaceful criticism of the Moroccan authorities, and considers him a prisoner of conscience. 

Take Action

Call on the  Moroccan Minister of Justice Mohamed Naciri to free Rachid Nini by signing this PETITION

My father died, our family is composed of seven brothers and sisters and my mother. Since my father died, Rachid replaced him; he was taking care of us and supporting us. We hope that your messages will help us to get our brother back to us” – Rachid’s sister, Noura told Amnesty International.

Rachid Nini is a 40-year-old journalist and father of an 11 year-old girl. He was detained on 28 April 2011 following the publication of several articles criticizing the Moroccan security services’ abuses.

Rachid Nini’s lawyers challenged that he has been prosecuted for his writing under the Penal Code rather than the Press Code and that he be released on bail.

Their demands were declined by the court; they consequently withdrew from the court hearings, on 17 May. He is currently being held in Okasha prison in Casablanca.


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