A Big Loud Shoutout…

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Hey everyone,

Guess what ? I’m still alive and I’m back 😀

As I mentionned in my last post, I spent a week in the Amnesty Youth Campus and in this article, I just want to send a shoutout to all the people I met right before and during the Campus.

These people have made part of my summer unforgettable…And I love the fact that in 20 years, I will be able to look back at pictures and videos I took with tons of memories, smile and remember what a great time I had when I was 20 years old…

I gravitate towards positive energy. As simple as that sounds. I love laughing and spending time with good people.  I can and do speak with anybody who can stand my never ending tendency to talk which just feeds the me that I am…

So without any further ado, I want to send a big loud shoutout to:

  • Artur and Nora, we talked for less than one hour but it was really nice meeting you and I hope to see you again someday…
  •  Amine Benboubker, thank you SO much for coming to the campus. It was a real pleasure meeting you man and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to come up with next…
  • Abderrahman Aka Manau, I was enchanted to meet you man, you had a 42° fever still, you were smiling and laughing all day long. In few words, thank you so much, you’re AWESOME and I hope to see you really soon…
  • To all the new friends I spent this past week with during the Amnesty Campus : Asmaa, Ayoub, Hafsa, Hala, Hasnaa, Hussien, Hatim, Issam, Lauren, Louisa, Naji, Mandy, Mohammed, Nabil, Nada, Naser, Nidal, Safia, Stephanie, Tima and Yassine

I had the best week ever with all of you guys and it’d take me at least 1.000 articles to thank you for all the jokes, fun, crazy times we had together, the fire camp, Kenza’s 7.5 liters of CocaCola shower, the closing ceremony and ALL the hard work…

This campus was a huge success thanks to each and every one of you.

So again, THANK YOU !

I wish you all a great deal of success in your lives and I’m looking forward to seeing you again really soon.

I’ll miss you, honestly. I will.


  1. Amazing!! 🙂 i love your article Hind. So simple and expresses alot of beautiful feelings. Just want you to know that I had a wonderful and unforgottable with you and most of the people on campus.

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