Crazy thing called… WRITING

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Hey there ! What’s up ?

Okay, I have no idea why I just wrote that but I think it has something to do with « The Bugs Bunny » episode I saw with my 4 year old cousin this afternoon…


Aaaaaanyway !

There is this thought that has been haunting me since yesterday and it is usually in times like these, times where I look for solitude, a solitude that brings me peace, times where I’m unable to speak to anybody, times where I want to answer questions running through my mind by myself, that I write.


I remember speaking to a dear friend of mine and asking him: “Why do you write?”

The funny thing is… I, myself didn’t have the right answer… But now I do and here it goes: Writing  allows me to express myself in words that issue from my mind and soul, when I write something I MEAN IT… End of the story !

Sometimes the words fit so perfectly that I wonder who wrote them and other times, the words come dreadfully hard that I know who wrote them… and why!

It is usually at times like these, times like RIGHT NOW that I reflect on things I should have said or done, that I’m able to assimilate events, places, figures, colors, shades and patterns and I’m able to absorb what I’ve felt and seen and let them become sentences, paragraphs and then articles…

Try not to call me crazy but as a kid I always kept a diary, I loved the fact that when I wrote something down, I no longer had the burden of keeping the negative emotions and thoughts in my head.

So, I kept on writing whenever I could… I wrote… I wrote often, frequently, on a daily basis and one of my dreams is, still, to write a book, someday…

Writing has always been a secret code to me, it’s a little more than just a few words put together, it’s a secret code to escape my world, this world, as messy as it is!

Writing allows me to sort things out, to convince myself that anything is possible as long as I can put it into words…

Now let me put it this way:

I believe writing has the power to change things, to move the universe…

It can cause people to do things, it can bring them together or tore them apart…

Bring YOU to tears of sorrow or make YOU laugh your heart out with joy…

Because it simply moves us, human beings.

It is for all these reasons, whether good or bad, that at the end of each day, I’m SO grateful for this crazy thing called… Writing.


  1. Thank you so much Redouane, you have no idea how many Aws I just said before getting into writing a reply to your beautiful comment ! Thank you for your never-ending support and I hope to see you very soon 😀

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