Happy Birthday Dad :D

Par défaut

Between writing posts about health, music and fashion, reviews about movies, blogs and websites and trying to figure out my own life, there are very many reasons for me to take the time to write a short post to my father.

Today is his birthday and this is going to make his day…

And even though I’ll be obliged to translate each word to him in about an hour or two, I really don’t mind at all. In fact, I can’t wait until he sees this.

My dad was born on August 10th, 1962. So, Today he would be 46, 47, 48 ? OMG he is 49 and I’m terrible at Math !

But anyway,

My dad is the outwardly affectionate kind of dad, he is one for checking in daily with me about how my day went and having big heart-to-heart conversations whenever that is needed.

My dad loves the simple things in life, he’s the most optimistic man I’ve even met in my entire life even though I consider him to be OVER protective of us.

And when I say « US », I mean me, my little sister, my mom, my cousins, my friends, my neighbor’s kids and even that random person you don’t know crossing the street :p

Okay, I may have exagerated a little A LOT, so let’s just go with :  He’s most particularly over protective of me, which I’m convinced is due to how much he loves me and to the unfortunate loss of his own dad in a car accident when he was just 6 years old…

My dad is my eldest, wisest, most handsom best friend. And I know that not all young people can say that about their relationships with their fathers, but I fortunately can.

And believe me, there are SO many things about him that I wish I could see more of in myself…

My dad is my rock, my dad is my source of motivation and happiness, my dad is my EVERYTHING. He taught me right from wrong and is still showing me how to deal with what life hands me… EVERY SINGLE TIME !

So… Baba, I love you more than I can express in words or actions.

Happy 49th birthday to you

Happy birthday to the world’s greatest dad ever !

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