Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol allegedly possessed an IQ score of 86 and was most famous for painting a can of soup…

He is an American artist who was born in 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and studied commercial art at the Carnegie Institute. He graduated in 1949 then moved to New York City and became one of the world’s best known pop artists.

Here are 10 fascinating facts about Andy Warhol:

1/ Andy Warhol’s birth name was Andrew Warhola.

2/ His very first movie was called ‘Sleep’ and it was 6 hour long never ending masterpiece of his friend sleeping. Nine people attended premiere. Seven of them stayed and watched the movie. Two of them left within the first hour.

 3/ Valerie Solanas, shot Andy Warhol in 1968. Warhol was reportedly dead on arrival to the hospital, but was revived after five hours of surgery. The bullet damaged his lungs, esophagus, spleen, liver, and stomach.

4/ Andy was the producer of the first record album by The Velvet Underground. He also painted the cover of their first album which featured a banana with vinyl skin that peeled off.

5/ Warhol said that he adopted his gray-haired look while in his 20s so that people would notice how young he looked in the face.

 6/ Warhol hand-painted an M1 BMW racing car for the 24-hour Le Mans race in 1979.

 7/ Andy would claim, « Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes ».

 8/ In addition to creating art, Warhol started Interview magazine and created two cable TV shows ‘Andy Warhol’s TV’ and ‘Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes’ for MTV.

 9/ His nickname and drag-queen alter-ego was “Drella,” a combination of “Dracula” and “Cinderella.”

10/ A 21-year-old Warhol’s painting « The Broad Gave Me My Face, But I Can Pick My Own Nose » was rejected for the annual exhibition of the Associated Artists of Pittsburg.

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