Blog of the Week: Ginger, Chocolate and Honey by Lamia

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If you are a Fashion reader and lover, then you want to take some time out for this one.

Drop in and say Hi to Ginger, Chocolate and Honey. Don’t you just love the name?

Meet Lamia, the owner and author of Ginger, Chocolate and Honey that is all about one girl from Agadir who is searching for a very chic and intelligent fashion life on this planet.

And for those of you who love food and eating outside, you will certainly appreciate this blog, though I do not recommend you come hungry…

The blog is very well organized into a blogspot template, making navigation fairly easy. The posts are left marginalized with black, sometimes pink and purple text on a white background and a smattering of very relevant pictures throughout each post.

The Categories menu is a place where you will find just about anything you want in a fashion, news, events and food category.

You’ll find main categories in Agadir and the City, Beauté et bien être, Coups de cœur, Coups de gueule, Giveaways, Lamia et sa gourmandise, Lamia et son shopping, Look book, My fashion icones, My life, New collections, News and Events, Tendances et conseils mode and Traditional but trendy.

The blog is updated very frequently and overall, it is a great blog with great content in a very trendy and creative way.

So, Ginger, Chocolate and Honey is my favorite blog of the week and it definitely gets two thumbs up from me!

  • You can check Lamia’s Blog at :

  • Follow her on Twitter at :

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