Fast and the Furious

Par défaut

If you have your driving license then drive safe… all the time. But when I think about it, I believe that if speed killed, it would have killed every single person and living creature on Earth.

After all, we are rotating around earth’s axis at up to 1670 km/h and Earth is zipping around the sun at a whopping 107,279 kmh.

So to me, speed is far from being the problem. The unfortunate problem is actually when two different speeding objects collide. But that’s another story…

It’s not very often that I talk about cars and automotive matters. So bear me. It has all started with my best friend telling me, and I’m quoting, «Tu sais, j’adore le monde dial l7did » this afternoon. Well, I have to admit the fact that I kept on asking him different questions about, well you know, cars for about 2 hours straight to publish a new article for you guys.

And today, I am going to talk about that.

So, make sure you stick with me long enough to hear what I’m going to say.

Let me ask you and myself a question…

How many fast drivers do you know ?

Hmm, stop, breathe and think.

That’s right, we all know at least one person who drives like the speed limit is the slow motion option on VLC and when I talk about a fast driver I talk about a person who does EVERYTHING on the road from speeding and weaving in and out of traffic to street racing at midday…

But when it comes down to it, We all need some SPEED in our lives. The principle is simple: No fast driving, no fun. No fun, no life worth remembering. No life worth remembering, no life worth going on with.

Now allow me to talk about ZE fast driver I personally know; my best friend, who, I’m conviced, has got that gift in the genes. He has the ability to switch your mood from a D- to a A++ just by scaring some people walking on the street with his ‘fast driving skills » but I believe that has also to do with just him being him- So yeah !

Anyway, his driving idol is Ayrton Senna, his favorite cars are: Chevrolet Camaro ss 1967, Mercedes SL 73 AMG, Nissan Kayn la SKYLINE GTR, Triumph TR6 Aquamarine, BMW M3 E30 1990 to name less than a few… And two of his favorite movies of the year are: Faster and Fast and the furious 5…

So, I guess that would give you a first image of his driving profile.

I think I forgot to mention one thing, his name is Ahmed Lamtahri and he’s cooler than your best friend.

Now back to Fast And The Furious which is every boy’s dream come true: Explosions, crazy-driving tearing up the streets, lots of shooting and beautiful chickes.

And yes I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED LOVED with one extra LOVED the forth sequel of the movie !

The storyline is excellent, Mia and O’Connor free Dom after he has been sentenced to life in prison and they all escape to Rio de Janeiro. Soon enough, it goes horribly wrong and they’ve got Rio’s most notorious criminal and the FBI hunting them down.  But, of course, something goes horribly wrong again and I’m SO not gonna spoil the movie any further!

It was a movie I truly enjoyed, and I strongly recommend you see it.

And for those of you still wondering, of course the cars are awesome, with all the other engines which I’ll also not spoil for all you fast driving fans.

One thing is for sure: I’m already looking forward to Fast and Furious 6 !


  1. I really enjoyed reading this review especially the way you mixed your best friend’s driving abilities with the movie’s subject, that was really priceless. I’d really love to read more movie reviews like this.

    PS: Your blog rocks Hind.

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