Facebook review… The H.T way

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Growing up, my friends were my little sister, my cousins, my neighbors and my classmates. Now, when I think about the friends I have today I think how many of them would not have been possible without social media. And the person we all have to thank for that would definitely be Mark Zuckerberg (Don’t you dare laugh at his name!) who managed to create the biggest social network in the world although he himself has no social skills.

And for those of you out there who live under a rock and have never heard this name before! It actually belongs to the creator of the universal symptom that has changed the internet existence! And yes, I believe you guessed it… I’m talking about Facebook.

Why? You ask. Why not? I answer.

I was discussing the concept of Facebook with a friend yesterday and we ended up talking about “The Facebook movie” Aka “The Social Network” and I was surprised when she told me, I’m quoting: “The only reason I saw that movie was because of Justin Timberlake”. Ummmm,  Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwkey!

Well, don’t get me wrong… I’m all for bringing sexy back! But Mister ‘Cry me a river’ wasn’t the reason why I saw the movie 3 times and why I’m basically writing my first movie review today. Although, the ego freak, party boy, Sean Parker played by the “What goes around… Comes back around” singer was simply captivating and discovering Andrew Garfield’s acting skills for the second time in a row after “The imaginarium of doctor parnassus” was a pure delight.

From the moment Jesse Eisenberg opened his mouth he had my attention. From the first image, the first sound and the first sentence, this compulsively watchable movie has catched all my senses. A movie as simple and genius as the network itself,  written by Aaron Sorkin, the man behind “The West Wing” and directed by David Fincher who also directed “Fight Club” and “The curious Case of Benjamin button” to name a few.

So, if you aren’t pulled right off the bat after what I just said then I’d seriously question if you’re even human!

Now, the funny thing is the fact that right after the first seven minutes, I was left throughout the whole movie with one single question on my mind: What if Erica (Mark’s ex-girlfriend) never broke up with him? What if he never created ‘Hot or Not’ to get at her? Would Facebook even exist today?

Who cares anyway?

At the end of the day, « The Social Network » is a movie defining a whole generation, our generation. And besides the fact that it’s an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Critic’s Choice Award, Writers Guild of America, American Cinema Editors, Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actor and Score WINNING movie… Yes! Besides all these facts, I’m sure that if “The Social Network” pops on your Facebook page, you’re going to have to hit “like”!

I know I would because through this social network, I have had friendships go beyond the internet and into the real life. Friendships who affected my life in a way I never thought was possible.

The bottom line of this review is: There is always a way to do something extraordinary, you just need to figure it out at the right time and most importantly be ready to fight for it…

Watching this movie will make you want to grab your laptop and build your own empire because you simply are able to and if you’re not starting NOW, you just don’t believe in yourself enough or maybe you haven’t watched “The Social Network” yet!

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